hey people!

<p>i got rejectedd this year by groton,
and i was just wondering for the fun
of it, what school peopel at CC liked
the best, just in case i apply next year.
i know its all about me, but overall,
which are your favorites?
try and pick one in new england,
because i would never be allowed
to go out of those six. thanks!</p>


<p>EXETER! :) :) :) </p>


<li>St. Paul's</li>
<li>Deerfield, Groton, Hotchkiss</li>

<p>thankss guyss! i think i'll do
every extracurricular possible and
apply again.</p>

<p>eeergh parentalss.
"there is no way you
will ever be a boarding student."</p>

<p>but i realllly wanna go!</p>

<p>Ask them why they don't want you to board. That might be important.</p>

<p>they said they want to see me grow up.
errrghh. its a nice thought, but its
not what i wanttt!</p>

<p>Andover, St. Andrew's or Taft!!!
all three are amazing schools and i love all of htem... couldn't decide which one is the best :)</p>

<p>exeter is for me. It depends on what you want from a school!</p>

ugh i just wish i could board.
it would make my life SO much easierr.</p>

<p>EXETER!! lol</p>

<p>you should try to plead your cade to your parents (by no means are you to whine). Get them to listen to you.</p>

I like SPS</p>

<p>Choate All The Way:)</p>

<p>In New England....
Andover and Choate seem really nice! Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks; and i got in a big fight with my parents the
other day about boarding school. i keep mentioning
deerfield, choate and hotchkiss, and how nice they are,
and my parents said, "YOU'RE NOT GOING!"
and i was said, "BUT I REALLY WANT TO!"
and they were like"NO! WE WANT TO SEE YOU GROW UP!"
and i said "I COULDN'T CARE LESS!"
it ended with me being grounded.
it was a really fun time.</p>