Hey quick question about college campuses

<p>What are the top 5 largest college campuses in the US?</p>

<p>Probably like Ohio State, Penn State, other big football schools. Do you mean land size?</p>

<p>yea..Stanford and duke for sure if you include land size.</p>

<p>Top five, based on student enrollment:</p>

<li>Ohio State</li>
<li>Arizona State</li>
<li>University of Minnesota

<p>I believe that Sewanee (University of the South) is either 1 or 2, in terms of land size.</p>

<p>In terms of acreage:</p>

<li> Berry College (GA): 28,000 acres</li>
<li> United States Air Force Academy: 18,000 acres</li>
<li> United States Military Academy: 16,000 acres</li>
<li> Paul Smith's College (NY): 15,000 acres</li>
<li> Deep Springs College: 10,000 acres</li>
<li> Sewanee: University of the South: 10,000 acres</li>
<li> California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo: 9,700 acres</li>
<li> Duke University: 8,600 acres</li>
<li> Stanford University: 8,200 acres
10: New Mexico State University: 6,000 acres</li>
<li>Liberty University (VA): 5,800 acres</li>
<li>Pennsylvania State University-University Park: 5,400 acres</li>
<li>University of California-Davis: 5,300 acres</li>
<li>Michigan State University: 5,200 acres</li>
<li>Texas A&M University-College Station: 5,200 acres</li>
<li>Tuskegee University (AL): 5,000 acres</li>
<li>University of Michigan-Ann Arbor: 3,200 acres</li>
<li>University of Oklahoma: 3,000 acres</li>
<li>Virginia Tech: 2,600 acres</li>
<li>Purdue University-West Lafayette: 2,500 acres</li>
<li>Indiana University-Bloomington: 2,000 acres</li>
<li>Iowa State University: 2,000 acres</li>
<li>North Carolina State University-Raleigh: 2,000 acres</li>
<li>University of Florida: 2,000 acres</li>

<p>Many universities own a great deal of land (over 20,000 acres) but do not yet utilize them. Dartmouth, University of Michigan and University of Nebraska come to mind.</p>

<p>Add another 3000 acres to Sewanee. They just completed another land purchase.</p>

<p>Whoa. Why is Berry College so big? Its got a student population of like less than 2,000.</p>

<p>Because most of their courses entail harvesting berries. Those berries need to grow somewhere.</p>