Hey , quick questions about some study help?

<p>Hey i got some quick questions for people that have done well on the SAT's (like 2100+) </p>

<p>im taking the SAT's in march, ive got a class coming up in mid January but while i have some time i wanted to do some prep on my own. I have about 6 books(like all the baron's 2400 books, some kaplan ones and ofcourse the official study guide), but im not really sure when to look at what, or how to do it, im a little confused.</p>

<p>so here are some quick questions</p>

<p>How often(and long) did you prep?</p>

<p>How did you manage your time while prepping?</p>

<p>What did you do? like just kept doing practice tests or what? </p>

<p>basically what is a good efficient way to prep on your own time to get as much accomplished as possible?</p>


<li>not very much... at least not as long or consistently as i should</li>
<li>at first (like in middle school) i just studied material (esp. math/vocab/writing)
---but now i mainly study practice tests. and vocab. and just look over other stuff briefly.</li>
<li>now i do. but not at first. i say study the material hard and cold until you get it. well.
---then you can spend all you want on practice tests, look at mistakes, and fix them</li>

<p>oh yeah, and avoid non-official practice tests. they can really screw you up. buy more CB material if needed, but do not depend on q's that people had to guess to try to make them identical to what CB makes. they may come close, but are no substitute for the real thing.</p>

<p>alright thanks! anybody else have any other advice?</p>