Hey, you guys I need some help=)!

<p>Hey Everyone,</p>

<p>I am Shermaine, I'm 21 years old and I live in The Netherlands.
Currently, I am studying at The Hague University and my study is called International Business and Management Studies (IBMS for short).
After the summer vacation I am starting my third year, and in the second semester of this year I have to go abroad to study. </p>

<p>My first choice when it comes to country is the US.
I would've liked to be able to choose the university I want to study at myself, but unfortunately this is not possible.
The school has managed to set up several contracts with several universities in the US.
After having done some research I cut my choice down to the following three universities:</p>

<li>Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.</li>
<li>University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky.</li>
<li>University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho.</li>

<p>I want to following classes at the business school of these universities. and I was wondering and hoping that some of you have some experiences with these universities or are able to tell me which one of these schools would be the best choice.
I would also like to know more about the campus life at these universities and more about the state and city where the universities are located (all information is good).
You can post or PM me the information.</p>

<p>Sorry for the long thread, but I would really appreciate you're help and I hope the information you are able to give me will enable me to make the right choice.</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>