Heyy Guys please help! :)

<p>Heyyy people im currently a Junior in my school and I just recieved my SAT grades for the June 2010 one....My top school in mind right now is NYU Stern...i have come to realize that maybe I may or may not be fit to get admitted in the school, I will explain my grades and show my SAT grades and if you guys can please give me some feed back on whether I stack or do not stack up to NYU or recommendations on schools in NYC or Upstate NY:::::::</p>

<p>March SAT 2010
CR- 490
Math- 530
Writing- 500
1520 total </p>

<p>June SAT 2010
CR- 520
Math- 540
Writing- 550
1610 total</p>

<p>*Planning to retake SATs in November and take SAT Spanish, World History and US History on October =)</p>

Step Team 9th grade
Dance Team 10th grade
Latin Dance (leader) 11th grade participated in the Talent Show
Next year I plan to join Break Dance 12th grade and perform again on Talent Show as well as culture night in my school
Community Service at YMCA (counselor)
Worked at a Probation Center as an Administrative Assistant
Peer Tutored towards the end of 11th grade
Teacher assistant toward the end of 11th grade
Student Government 11th grade (11th and future 12th grade representative)</p>

<p>i am also planning to find a job this summer, take driving classes, join a local soccer team thanks to World Cup inspiration, do crazy amounts of community service hours</p>

<p>*My school does not offer AP classes
*I take Chinese and im hispanic i have a 98 in the class, is that a plus?</p>

<p>I rank number one out of 83 students in my Junior class with a 3.6 (92.36%) gpa...i am going to make it higher next year to atleast 3.7 (93%)</p>

<p>how do I stack up to NYU?....Do I have a good chance or what?</p>

<p>NYU wants at least 2 SAT IIs with your SAT.
College</a> Search - New York University - NYU - SAT®, AP®, CLEP®</p>

<p>And you'd have to really try to get your SAT score up if possible. NYU's Stern School has a 1445/1600 average SAT score and yours is only a 1060/1600.</p>

<p>By the way, I'm certainly not trying to discourage you from applying. Do everything you can from now until application time and who knows. :D</p>

<p>Thanks I really appreciate it, how am i in terms of ECs??? 0.0!</p>

<p>Your ECs look pretty good, I can tell you like dance. It's good to have something that you really care about on your ECs.</p>

<p>Thanks alot! =) hmmm im really frightened of not makiin it into NYU lolz!....i feel kind of bad for beiin top student with like a low SAT score and a gpa...=&lt;/p>

<p>You can make an account, "save" your scores, then click "how I stack up", but it won't include EC's.
Academic</a> Tracker - Meet College Admission Requirements - High School Class Selection</p>

<p>I fall a little behind a little, but I don't know if they will consider these grades on the SATs =&lt;/p>

<p>How do feel about applying to NYU but not Stern?</p>

<p>Hmmm wat other institutions are there???...that i can possibly get in.</p>

<p>Anyone know if my chances are better at NYU???</p>

<p>I meant Fordham University...=)</p>

<p>you might have a better chance there than at NYU, but still apply to NYU if you want. As you know, your SAT's are lower than the average student at NYU but you have a lot of ECs which will help. Im curious about your GPA and class rank though...how are you ranked 1 with a 3.6? Nobody has a 4.0?</p>

<p>I like your enthusiasm for summer activities! However, if you goal is to improve your admission chances, you might consider whether it would be better to go deeper in one of your existing ECs than to start something new (such as joining a soccer team if you haven't played previously). </p>

<p>You might also consider whether you might do better on the ACT than the SAT, given that you've already taken the SAT twice and apparently aren't satisfied with the results. The ACT is offered in September, so you could spend some prep time this summer, take the ACT soon after school starts, and get your scores back in time to make decisions about where to apply.</p>

<p>Heyyy Lizz ohhh well my school is a very small school and it turns out that i got really lucky...its one of the situations where you end up in a right time, right place...nobody in my grade has a higher average which is really sad, but hey i gotta make the best out of it...</p>

<p>Schokolade...uhhh well is dance a good thing, in general terms. I mean, having versitality in dancing is pretty much my focus...it's dance...and you also explained to go deeper into dancing. If i continue the Latin Dance club next year, then would that be good?...Also, thanks for the advice on SAT/ACT situation, do you feel that because of my extra curricular activties if I scored atleast a 1750 on my SATs when I take it again, would NYU admit me into their school?</p>

<p>Is there any way you could spend more time studying for the SATs? I think raising your SAT score (2000 perhaps?) would give you a better shot. NYU is a tough school to get into; and GPA and test scores are big determining factors that could make you or break you. I wish you all the luck though.</p>

<p>^Btw nothing is certain, it's hard to ever say that you have guaranteed admission into a school, especially to one like NYU. You need to raise your SAT score by quite a bit (and do well on the subject tests) to have a decent shot, although your ECs do show passion.</p>

<p>Thanks yeahhh alot of the adviceee...i really want to go to the school, its been a dream since i entered 9th grade but i messed up in my sophomore year...(thanks alot teenage hood haha) but i really am going to put extra efforts on SATs and SAT subjects, and with that I really hopee i do get in..:)</p>

<p>I meant for not of the advicee haha! =)</p>

<p>Yes, I think it would be better to develop your dance ECs than to start a new one, if your goal is to look better to admissions officers. There is a stickied thread on CC about how ECs appear to admissions officers that might be helpful.</p>

<p>I'm sorry; I have no particular knowledge about NYU. For more detailed information on NYU, you can search online for its common data set; section C gives specific information about the statistics of admitted students.</p>

<p>It may help that you are Hispanic. You might want to read other posts on CC about the advantage of being a URM (Under-Represented Minority) in the admissions process.</p>

<p>Wow that helped a alot thank you very much =) i appreciate it.</p>