Hi fellow sophomores

I’m Barbara from MT. I’m interested in foreign languages and minority groups. Let’s have some fun here.


Hello! I’m a sophomore from New Hampshire, I’m interested in history, spanish, and youth activism. Living during the age of 'rona is NOT easy


Hi @perplexus808 I too have had frustrations dealing with covid. What kind of college you looking for?

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@barbthewarrior My high school has roughly 500 people so I would definitely prefer a small college over a large university, and probably a liberal arts one too judging by my interests. I’ve always wanted to go somewhere warm (as I am writing this it is -11 F in NH) but I worry about being homesick. Plus there are tons of great colleges within a couple hours of me. I also don’t want to apply to a lot of ivies and top schools, my application isn’t that competitive. And I’m totally fine with that thought! What about you? What classes are you taking this year?

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My classes this year:

(AP) World History
(H) English II
(H) Spanish III (had wanted to take subject test)
(A) Geometry
(A) Biology

I’m not looking at particularly competitive schools. Weather doesn’t bother me. But I DO want: Large, Coed, Suburban/Urban, Culturally/Racially Diverse, Progressive politically and activist-minded.

@barbthewarrior nice!! What does (A) mean? I’m taking:
AP European History
Honors English II
Honors Spanish 4
Honors Chemistry
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Band

I would love a school that you basically described except the large part lol

“A” means A level (level below Honors. :slight_smile:

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ahh okay got it, thanks! (my school doesn’t have A level)

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@perplexus808 As you could probably guess from my class levels, I’m NOT numerically inclined, more of a words person. How about you?

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@barbthewarrior I have to agree there, I am in honors number classes but my grades and interests are highest in the humanities. Do you want to study something in the humanities in college?

Yes I do. I’m thinking various Area Studies and Foreign Languages

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@barbthewarrior Nice! I think I want to study history or english/creative writing.

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Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore too! I’m interested in both science and writing/English. My school is TINY (under 300 students) so my class options are very limited. These are the classes I’ve been taking this year. Nice to meet everyone!

AP World History (one of the only AP’s at my school)
PE (mandatory for sophomores)
Spanish 2 (no honors offered at my school)
Algebra 2 (no honors offered at my school)
Honors Chemistry (no AP offered at my school)
English 101 at a local college (only one at my school doing this)
Health 1 at a local college
Communications 101 at a local college (also only one at my school doing this)


@Darthbaby is your name Luke? :wink: j/k. It’s AWESOME you can go off campus for classes.

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Oh haha I wish I could go off campus but the extra classes are not during school hours. My school is on a 6 period a day schedule so I do those then I do the others throughout the week at various times outside of school. Do you know what classes you want/plan to take next year? I also saw you’re taking APWH too, I’m so nervous for the exam.

My best case scenario classes:

(AP) Spanish IV (Lang)
(H) English III
(A) Algebra II
(A) Chemistry

Don’t worry about APWH, we’ll do great! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome that you’ll hopefully take AP Spanish! My likely classes:
AP US history
AP English Lit
Honors Physics (no AP at my school)
Pre calc (no honors at my school)
Spanish 3 (no honors at my school)
Some sort of class at local college (probably poli sci, art history or psychology)

Good luck on your AP exams!! (hopefully they’re in person) I hope to take:
AP Lang
AP US History
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Physics
Honors Band
AP Enviro or AP Stats
Honors Spanish 5 ~ school doesn’t offer AP Spanish :frowning:

My school is notorious for scheduling conflicts due to the small size so there is a good chance my schedule won’t be exactly this.
@Darthbaby That’s so cool that you have community college options!


What are you guys planning on doing this summer? Everything is tough with coronavirus so I’m curious how everyone is finding things to do.

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Honestly I have no idea, there aren’t many options especially in my very rural area. I will most likely get a job and maybe take a community college class. I took geometry last summer so I could advance a year in math and it was so draining, by the time this school year started I was already burned out. So I likely won’t take an intensive class but maybe something fun and interesting. $$ is also on my mind, I do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for credits I will never use or that will not be transferrable so there’s a lot to consider. What about you @Darthbaby and @barbthewarrior? I’m curious to see what others are doing this summer for some inspiration.