Hi guys,Can Someone please analyse my application??

<p>Hey guyz,.I would be very grateful if you could analyze my application . I am an international student with an Indian citizenship. I am applying regullar action. Can you please tell me what you think my chances are?</p>

▬Subject Test
Physics- 800
Math II- 800</p>

<p>▬GPA and rank- High school doesnt provide it..
I have had a rigorous curriculum that emphasized science, more of Physics, Chemistry, Maths</p>


<p>▬EC activities
Rifle Shooter State level champion
Community service 3 hours a week
Employed at Dental clinic as an head assistant for 3 months</p>

<p>And Yes im one of those guys, preparing for IIT JEE. And im in one of its kind and craziest college in Mumbai that has almost zero extra curricular activities..
My recommendation letters are brilliant, Both are from PhD graduates of IIT( I think dat should give an edge,will it??). </p>

<p>Basically I am very good academically but that doesnt apply for EC's. What do You think of my chances??
thanks for your help!</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/massachusetts-institute-technology/939227-reminder-no-one-not-even-me-can-give-you-accurate-chance-mit.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/massachusetts-institute-technology/939227-reminder-no-one-not-even-me-can-give-you-accurate-chance-mit.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>^ I'm in IIT right now. I had literally no EC's except daily evening cricket matches, school band, couple of cyber Olympiads, a few volunteer service opp from our school, and a few others, thus I didn't apply for MIT freshman cause I thought I had little to no chance and since I had to apply in Oct-Dec period I couldnt cause I had my pre-final exams in Nov.
Anyway my advice for you would be that just apply and try to give your best in the app, hopefully you'll get in. Good Luck :)</p>

<p>@kings...Being in an IIT must be awsum....btw which IIT you are in??</p>

<p>Would it be wise if I write about my love for books and how it was the only option for me gain knowledge, in the extra curricular essay section??? Though i can write about rifle shooting, but I think the books describe the "real me" properly. And also I've read almost a hundred books on physics like Resnick Halliday Krane, HC Verma , IE irodov, SS Krotov , John Taylor, University Physics and many more, and I've taken University level courses of physics independently from an IIT alumni to satisfy my curiosity. If I write about books I'll be definitely able to mention these things but if I write about rifle shooting, I dont think I'll be able convey the above to the admission office. Pls help :confused:</p>

<p>If physics books describe the "real you," that's what you should write about. You must have a powerful motivation to be so well-read in physics. Make the reader feel that passion and excitement! MIT is all about having an urgency to learn like your hair is on fire, and if that is how you feel, you would fit in really well.</p>

<p>Mentioning on the activities list that you are a state-level champion in rifle-shooting is sufficient. Admissions will know what rifle-shooting is, and they will value your expertise just like they value expertise in any non-academic EC. The community service and job are also good activities. Good luck to you!</p>