Hi guys! Mind to chance me plz (Stern ED)?

<p>Hello~thanks for clicking on this thread! If you are not too busy at the moment, please chance me for Stern ED. Your help will be deeply appreciated!! </p>

<p>Alright, let's get to our topic here: =)</p>

<p>Basic Info:
--Race: Chinese
--gender: female (yeah, I'm in the competitive "Asian female" box already = =)
--Citizenship: Canadian
--Financial Aid/Need?: no
--School: public. not many students apply to US colleges.</p>

-- UW GPA: 4.0, W 4.33
-- rank: definitely top 15%, if lucky top 5%. ^^
-- ACT: 32 (Eng 34, Math 34, Read 31, Sci 27, Wri 8)
-- No SAT I
-- SAT II: Math II 800, Physics 800
-- AP: Physics C E&M: 5, Physics C Mechanics: 5.
will take AP Microeconomics, Calculus BC, Eng Lit (=_= I don't want to, but my Eng ap teacher will murder anyone who doesn't take AP)
-- taking Microeconomics at a local college. midterm mark 98% (aka GPA 4.33)</p>

-- president and co-founder of school peer tutoring club. 60 members.
-- member of math club
-- school volunteer (fundraising etc)
-- senior teaching assistant at math dep: tutor + mark tests
-- library volunteer =_=...
-- Track and Field (Varsity)
-- Cross Country (Varsity)
-- Work Experience: tutor for 1.5 yr & assistant tournament organizer at a sports center for 1.5 yr.
- So, add up the bits and pieces together = 1000h/yr</p>

-- some school service/academic awards
-- 10+ regional/national math contest awards (ex: Silver Standard in blahblah contest)
-- 2 provincial scholarships.
-- Cross Country Championship: 7th place (regional)
-- Track and Field Championship: 4th place in 400m (regional)</p>

<p>Other facts:
--I'm a new immigrant (from China to Canada). I mentioned this fact once in my essay...
--will graduate half-a-semester early to volunteer in China + attend a local college.
--I'm not a good writer so plz don't expect a brilliant essay. <em>sigh</em></p>

<p>P.S. Thanks for reading alllllll the wayyyyy to the end! I know this is very, very long. You are so patient <em>T-T touched</em></p>

<p>Now, chance me please! The harsher the better~~</p>

<p>Bump...anyone plz? =)</p>

<p>The lack of an SAT I will hurt your chances, but your ACT and SAT 2's are obviously strong. EC's and all look nice. Depending on your essays, I'd say you are a match. Good luck!</p>

<p>match?! <em>excited</em>
thank you!!
P.S. my essay is.....disastrous (as always).
P.S.S I do need so luck ^_^ so thanks again.</p>

<p>If the vast majority of applicants submit steller SAT I scores, I feel they outweigh a good ACT score. I'm not saying it's a huge deal, but I am just trying to touch on all of the factors.</p>

<p>@ esnyu, NYU doesn't take the SAT 1's seriously they don't even require it. You look like a good match, and a solid applicant.</p>

<p>esnyu: <em>nod</em> I heard that colleges prefer SAT. Anyway, I could not take SAT I mainly b/c it's hard....I always stumble over SAT I Math. :-(</p>

<p>whatis: exactly. It's so sweet of NYU to give applicants many test options (AP/ACT/SAT etc.). Thanks you gave me a lot of more confidence. I always worry about my essay & lack of finance-related work experience. </p>

<p>Btw, are both of you NYUer's?</p>

<p>I'm an ED applicant to CAS, but I have two siblings that attended NYU, one stern and one CAS.</p>

<p>Good luck to you then! Hopefully we can both get in. :-D</p>

<p>Yes I hope so!</p>

<p>your chances are like 100 percent ^_^ ..i swear if you don't get in.. i think this whole forum should go yell at the admissions board lol</p>

<p>100%?! Wow, frankly I was not expecting that. I feel terribly honored :-) Thanks!</p>

<p>Now there are only 20 days left before NYU send letters to ED applicants...<em>so nervous</em> Again, good luck all applicants!</p>

<p>P.S. are CC people just being nice to each other when it comes to chance-me-plz? I thought I would get hammered.</p>

<p>Updates: I've finally been informed about my rough school rank'! It's within top 5 among the 400 students in my grade. <em>excited</em></p>

<p>Top 5? Enjoy Stern. :)</p>

<p>You should be definitely in for ED. A girl student getting 5s in both of AP physics Cs: impressive. (Not a sexist but I hear many girls suffering in physics..) </p>

<p>Best of luck, and thanks for sharing your stats.</p>

<p>does anyone know how hard is transfer student program at NYU?</p>

<p>prjiki: thank you so much for chancing me! I'm waiting anxiously for Stern's reply this month. >.<
P.S. I suffered in Physics as well...btw, since you are taking Physics AP very soon, I truly recommend Princeton's Review (hmm, don't worry I'm not trying to sell my second-hand book to you). My school only offered Physics B, so I prepared for AP C's with the Review. I took a look at two other AP books, the "5-steps-to-a-5" and one from Kaplan. Neither was as good as Princeton. </p>

<p>emirrr: I think it may be better to start a new thread so your question will catch more attention. Sorry that I can't answer it...</p>