Hi Guys

<p>Hi..Im new to the forum, so pardon my starting a new thread. I know this topic has already been discussed in some other part of the forum, but I couldnt find it.</p>

<p>Anyways, I live in Kentucky. I took the PSAT on Oct. 16
Was is the cutoff score for Kentucky to become a NMS ???</p>


<p>welcome to the forum. the nm cutoff should be around 205-215? i dunno because im also a junior and patiently waiting for my score. won't come till december though, so in themeantime just forget about it and have fun until that day arrives</p>

<p>btw it would be nice to use a different topic name instead of "hi there." it should be like "nm cutoff score." just so ppl won't get mad at your post next time</p>