Hi I did something retarded.

<p>I got the following email:</p>

<p>Dear [Student],</p>

<p>You are cordially invited to one of the following Yale Information Sessions.</p>

<p>Ayaska Fernando, Assistant Director of Admissions, will discuss academic programs, campus life, admissions, and financial aid.</p>

<p>Monday, September 15, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Syosset High School
70 Southwoods Rd
Syosset, NY 11791</p>

<p>Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Riverhead Public Library
330 Court St
Riverhead, NY 11901</p>

<p>Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Great Neck South High School
341 Lakeville Rd
Great Neck, NY 11020 </p>

<p>Please bring your parents.
Registration is optional but encouraged.
For registration and directions, please visit Unsupported</a> Browser</p>

<p>I was kind of in a blah mood and was tired of colleges filling my Inbox with parc and I did this.<br>

<p>Dear Yale University,</p>

<p>You are cordially invited to one of the following
[Student] Information Sessions.</p>

<p>[Student Name], prospective Yale student, will discuss his interests, extracurriculars, and test scores.</p>

<p>Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Syosset High School
70 Southwoods Road
Syosset, NY 11791</p>

<p>Thursday, October 2, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Yim's Wok Restaurant
235 Robbins Ln
Syosset, NY 11791</p>

<p>Friday, October 3, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Baja Fresh (Mexican Grill)
267 Jericho Tpke
Syosset, NY 11791</p>

<p>Please bring fellow admissions officers.
Letter of guaranteed acceptance and full scholarship is optional, but encouraged. For directions, or more information about [Student], reply to this email, or just message me at facebook.com.</p>

<p>...anyway just wondering, how badly does that affect my chances at Yale? lol and I know this was pretty retarded.</p>

dude, you're in a mess, unless the person who you sent it to has a good humor lol!</p>

<p>haha, that's hilarious.</p>

<p>I really don't think it's too serious. These are people, after all. Actually, IMO it shows a pretty witty and vibrant personality.</p>

<p>Also, please refrain from describing your actions as "retarded."</p>

<p>Haha you're funny! :) If you show such vibrancy in your application i'll accept you if i'm an admission officer.
I think they probably get thousands of emails a day and probably will just treat yours as either spam mail or a harmless joke</p>

<p>Don't show that sort of "vibrancy" in your application. Arrogance is a surefire way to get the admissions committee turned against you.</p>

<p>That being said... I don't think you screwed up. They may find it amusing, they might not. Either way, come your time to apply I doubt the admissions committee is going to sit down, see your application, and say, "Oh, here's the jerk that sent us that email. Screw him." Just don't do something like that in your actual application.</p>

<p>'Also, please refrain from describing your actions as "retarded."'</p>

<p>Pssh... don't listen to the PC police. Say what you want. Exercise your first amendment rights :)</p>

<p>haha...love it!!!</p>

<p>You didn't seriously do this though, did you?</p>

<p>Dear .....,</p>

<p>We thank you for the invitation to your informational session. Regretfully, we will not be able to attend. To make up for our absence, however, we invite you to:</p>

<p>Your Mailbox
Syoset, NY 11791</p>

<p>on April 1 for your pending rejection letter. Thank you and have a wonderful life!</p>

Your Unhumored Yale Admissions Officer</p>

<p>lol. Nice response</p>

<p>haha nice response dravndn and lobgent</p>

<p>honestly, they probably won't think anything of it. they get many e-mails a day and i doubt they'll remember you when you actually hand in your app</p>

<p>don't worry - if the guy who listed "clam farting" as one of his extra curriculars on his yale app by accident, and he got in, i think they'll probably appreciate your email.</p>

<p>hilarious, by the way. :]</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry about it... i think that's pretty funny. Humor can be a compelling part of an application.</p>

<p>In fact, i'm stifling a very loud laugh in my yale lecture course right now.</p>

<p>hahaha that's pretty hilarious</p>

<p>little_galaxie: yup, there was a guy that did that. his thread is probably still here somewhere... search for "clam fart".</p>

<p>hahaha thats hilarious.
i'd remember you and try all means to find you out(for reasons neither positive nor negtive) but only in the case that I dont receive millions of emails each day.
For other schools, this reply may become a topic for months, but for yale(and similar institutions) it is nothing too serious or with too much impact. </p>

<p>i think there is a slim chance that s/he will match ur email with ur app and if s/he does-meaning things are going brightly.</p>


<p>you must be extremely brave or extremely impulsive.</p>

<p>that's HIGH-larious. I wouldn't be offended if I was an admission officer, but since I am not, I'll just say that I enjoyed it very much.</p>

<p>haha i actually don't care, I'm not applying to Yale anyway. =P</p>