HI! im a sophomore could you check if i'm on track? thanks i'm new here

<p>hiya, i'm courtney 15 and i'd really love to get accepted into these colleges:
johns hopkins
american university
georgetown (safety choice)</p>

<p>so here it is for now:</p>

<p>freshman year:
hon. geometry
hon. english 9
hon. french 4
hon. biology
AP US History (4 on exam)

<p>sophmore year: (current)
hon. algebra 2
hon. health
hon. chemistry
DTS (programming basically)
AP NSL (politics)- really easy expect a 5 on it.
IB French 5
hon. english</p>

<p>classes im going to take:</p>

<p>junior year-
ap biology (double period)
ap english literature
IB french 6
ap world history
ib pre- calculus
piano 1
ap psychology</p>

<p>senior year:
piano 2
ib french 7
ap english composition
ap calculus
ap chemistry (double period)
ap european history</p>

<p>ok tests taken:
AP US History- 4
SAT ll us history- 710
SAT ll biology- 620 (yeah i know, horrible. i realized after i signed up that i should have waited until after ap biology. i'm gonna retake it)</p>

<p>test going to take:
all the tests for the AP classes
SAT ll : biology, chemistry, nsl?, math, french
IB French exam- in my senior year</p>

<p>extra curricular's:
french honor society
girls soccer (2 years and going)
girls lacrosse (2 years and going)
ambassador for school
ceramics club
work at kumon (not fun)
i need more, any ideas?</p>

minority- african american</p>

<p>my mom has to support both me and my sister, which makes things tight. haven't talked to my dad in years. i sort of don't want to put that in because i feel like it makes me seem whiny and ungrateful. i'm satisfied with what i have, and my moms always been able to provide for us so i don't see a reason to put it in.</p>

<p>really good at art (have won some minor competitions, and my artwork has been put up in the mall and on a ceramics poster. it would help if you could offer some ideas to really make this a good hook.</p>

<p>summer programs: im into medicine so...
lead america medical conference
shadowing a doctor this summer
gonna try and get a job at a medical research institute but its a stretch </p>

<p>ok that's it what do you think? also i'd really love to do lacrosse during college, do you think it's possible? i like the sport but i'm not AMAZING at it, by senior year i'll be better hopefully. </p>

<p>final thing, i don't go to an amazing school. about two people got into ivy leagues last year, the only good thing is that they offer all IB and AP courses.</p>

<p>final final thing, what's the best way to study for the SAT? what did you all use to study and could you tell me the scores you got? also if any of you are in a ivy league college, or in one of the colleges in my list do you mind if i message you? just to see what you did to get in, extracurriculars and stuff... thanks!</p>

<p>Focus on your art, it sets you apart, especially if you're not going into art. Maintain your stats, shoot for 700+!!! Good luck! maybe try the ACT as well, it suits some people better. (like me)</p>

<p>princeton lacrosse is super selective they recruit like 6 people a year and they are one of the best teams in the country. if you're not on a club team there is probably a very small chance :/
but try to be captain maybe, that shows leadership & dedication</p>

<p>Show leadership :), maybe a club president/school sports team captain your junior or senior year. Also, I would suggest you try to develop a strong passion for one or two ECs (find something you absolutely love). This shows dedication and can also yield you some accomplishments that look good on paper. But most importantly, it allows you to learn a lot about something you love. </p>

<p>Get the SAT II scores up, and do well on APs and SATs (or ACTs).</p>

<p>Regarding your family situation. It is ok to bring it up as a challenge you've overcome, something that fails to stop you. Just as long as you don't make it sound like an excuse for something, you should mention those facts about your family, helps give you a story to tell.</p>

<p>You're on track. Never lose sight of the big picture.</p>

<p>You're on track, but Gtown is not a "safety."</p>

<p>hey thanks and yeah i know, i'm hoping to get better but i simply just don't have the kind of money to be joining a club</p>

<p>What is AP NSL?</p>

<p>AP NSL is AP government and politics our school just names it differently</p>

<p>Yeah, um I agree. Georgetown is definitely not the school to choose as a safety choice. xD
Safety choice. Also, your ECs aren't that outstanding. You don't have any officer ranks in any of them and it does kind of seem thin-spread.</p>

<p>I agree with AGKCHS</p>