Hi mom

<p>Hi mom...I have to make it 10 characters.</p>

<p>I am officially hijacking this thread.</p>

<p>New subject: What is your favorite Pokemon?</p>

<p>I heard that quite of few of you people like Mudkips.</p>

<p>Charizard will always be the best one.</p>

<p>*** is a mudkip? (I stopped counting after 151)</p>

<p>dragonair & suicune</p>

<p>I was always a big Articuno fan. Nothing after the original 151 counts.</p>

<p>Seriously? No love for the Mudkips? You people obviously aren't true internets veterans.</p>

<p>I see what you did there.</p>

<p>Dorian, I forget, are you a goon?</p>

<p>/b/tards are the scum of the earth</p>

<p>Goons are cool though</p>

<p>I'm more of an ED enthusiast than anything else.</p>


<p>oddish (sp?)</p>

<p>I hoped someone would make that connection.</p>

<p>What was that one that was a cheat...that would make all your pokemon level 100 or something? You found it while fishing somewhere.</p>


<p>haha.. original pokemon games ftw</p>

<p>I got SSBB and there's this new dude called "Lucario." Definitely wasn't in the original 150.</p>