High ACT vs. High Sat

<p>My SAT score is only 2020 but my ACT score is 34. Will my ACT help balance the fact that my SAT makes me look like a retard?</p>

<p>No, colleges are going to see you as a "retard" either way. You should just withdraw your applications right now. Seriously. It's not worth it anymore. Your applications are just a waste of money now. Who on earth would accept a retard with a 2020? </p>

<p>Of course they'll consider whichever one you did better on... they'll pay no attention to the 2020 if it can hurt your application. Don't worry. :) A 2020, btw, is not a "retarded" score. </p>

<p>BTW, I am slightly offended by the use of the term "retard". I know people who were diagnosed with mental retardation at birth, and I'm just wondering if they'll be able to get 2020s on the SAT. I'm guessing the doctors were wrong and they're not that slow, eh? :P</p>

<p>I apologize for the term "retard". Society has a way of poisoning my innocent mind. AHHHH!!!!!!! I suppose the correct way to say it is "Will that 2020 retard my chance of getting accepted" since the definition of retard as a verb is 1 : to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment</p>

<p>lol, it's ok... as long as you don't repeat the mistake. :) don't worry that much about it. the 2020 won't hurt your chances at all, because schools want what's best for you (and them - statistics-wise).</p>