"High enough" test scores?

I know where to find averages of SAT/ACT scores for different schools, but i’d like to know what is considered, at least be CCers, to be “high enough.” For instance, i submitted my ACT, which I scored 30 on, to Dartmouth, Williams, Brandeis, Middlebury, Claremont McKenna, Colgate, Pomona & Connecticut College. 30 is within the middle 50% for each of these schools, but is it “high enough?” i mean, is there a good chance that I’d be rejected from any/all of these schools b/c my score isn’t high enough?


<p>Scores in the mid range at a given school won't keep you out exactly but the thing to remember is that those ranges include successful applicants in many special categories (recruited athletes, development and legacy admits, URMs, major award-winners). So if you are a typical good, well-qualified applicant with midrange test scores you may actually be on the low end of what's needed for a non-hook applicant to be admitted. The schools you have listed make admissions decisions on levels far beyond just test scores, so if your scores are good enough to keep you in the running, there may be many other aspects of your application that make you stand out as a candidate they want to accept. </p>

<p>All the schools you menitoned are excellent, but they cover a fairly wide range of selectivity within the overall category of being highly selective, as I'm sure you know. (For example, Brandeis nad Connecticut College are not as difficult to get into as as Williams and Dartmouth.)</p>

<p>I should add that if you check most schools' Web sites you will find ACT/SAT ranges for recent admitted classes in the admissions section of the site. Also most of the widely published college guides contain the score ranges for each college included in the guide; these guides are usually available in the reference section of your local library if you dont' want to buy them.</p>

<p>Hey there,
Thanks for your help, i hadn't been thinking about the athlete/legacy recruits in the mix.</p>