High GPA but low SAT. Where is my reach?

<p>Hi I'm an International(Korean) student.
I go to a waldulf school called Hartsbrook, and this school has NEITHER honor class NOR AP class. However, I'm planning to take college calculus class in senior. My GPA is between A- and A(i'n not sure) which is in top 5% at my school. I'm planning to major in electronical engineering. My SAT score is: CR-510 MATH-740 WR-490 and second one is: CR-500 MATH-700 WR-530. I took SAT subject test on Math 2 and got 740. I have no work experience other than worked at library. I worked as editor of the Lit Megazine called Potluck at school. (I'm planning to apply early on every university I decide to apply.)</p>

<p>What would be my safe line and universities worth trying?</p>

<p>You need to let the folks know something about what you are looking for in terms of size. location, and cost.</p>

<p>Well, cost is something that i can sonsider later but somewhere cheap. And i do not care about the size of the school. Just anywhere that has really good engineering program. I live in Massachusetts but I don't mind far away ones like Vriginia Tech.</p>

<p>Also, do i have chance at Umass, Purdue Univeristy at West Lafayette, and Virginia Tech?
Personally, I think Virigina Tech is out of reach and Purdue is worth trying and not sure about Umass...</p>

<p>Have you tried the "How Do I Stack Up"? function on college board? Here's the one for Virginia Tech. </p>

<p>Academic</a> Tracker - Meet College Admission Requirements - High School Class Selection</p>

<p>If you are a rising senior, I think you might want to start considering cost as you make up your list. From what I've read here on CC, aid (not merit) for internationals is hard to find, and without it, you are looking at about $50k/ year. No is the time to look for schools where you can maybe get merit aid.</p>

<p>try penn state</p>