High GPA but low SATs?

<p>Hi, I have a relatively high GPA (3.84, though I got a couple Bs, and low As in freshman year) and took all Honors and AP courses so far. I took AP Calc BC (A+), AP Physics B (A), AP Lang (A), AP Bio (A+), AP World History (A) last year. Soph. year I took AP Comp Prg (A). My school is above average, and I took most of the AP courses offered for the math and science. I think I'm ranked #4-6.</p>

<p>This year I'm a bit more relaxed because I'm going to major in the visual arts. (Taking only 3 AP classes; the rest of my schedule is for art and study halls ( but I'm using that for labs and art)).</p>

<p>But my SAT score is poor. I don't do well on standardized tests because of the pressure placed on them; thus, I become EXTREMELY nervous on the tests when I look at all the questions and passages and become irrational. I took the June SAT and got a high 1900 (jeez :). I took a few practice tests before the Oct. SATs, but again, I got extremely nervous and I think I bombed the CR and W sections (low 600s).</p>

<p>Will colleges get suspicious and question my integrity? I mean, the reading comprehension on the SATs is pretty basic and doesn't delve deeply into the questions. With that in mind, will they think that I "cheated" my way through the courses I took? I really hope not. :/</p>

<p>It depends on the colleges you're applying to and the rest of your application</p>

<p>Well, I am applying to competitive art schools (namely SVA, RISD, etc), but I'm just wondering if they would get suspicious of my grades.</p>

<p>i got the same problem, except i have good SAT and low gpa. but lucky for you, you can change your SAT score. just practice some more and with each test you will be more relaxed.</p>

<p>^Unfortunately, it looks better to have a high gpa and mediocore SAT than a low GPA and high SAT</p>

<p>lol @ ihavesenioritis (the name, not the content of the post). I have the same problem, where I have a pretty high GPA (4.79), but a mediocre SAT (I'll just say it's between 2000 and 2140)</p>

<p>unfortunately, first 2 1/2 years of high school i went to a public private school and i was ranked in the top 10 percentile, then in the middle of my junior year i moved to a school in florida where classes are not so difficult resulting in people easily attaining a gpa over 4, and now im not even in the top 25th percentile... this blows</p>

<p>You can always take the ACT, where you can send in which scores you want the colleges to see.</p>

<p>Someone else with our problem!</p>

<p>Try going standby on the next ACT. My poor son has taken the SAT once and the ACT 3 times. He finally got "some" improvement on the third ACT. Guess what his explanation was??? He had sprained his ankle the night before during a football game. "The pain kept me alert during the test". (Please don't think I'm advocating hurting yourself : ) </p>

<p>I'm worried that the combo of high GPA and low standardized test score signals an easy school, which is not the case. Colleges in Ohio will know of our reputation, but most others won't know. He may only be accepted at Ohio schools.</p>

<p>I disagree, i think it's better to have a high SAT and a poor GPA (Poor as in still above a 90, however). At ultracompetitive private schools, a 3.6 GPA with a 2300 SAT (due to strong courses and difficult classes) is much more attractive of an applicant than one who has a 4.0 GPA at a pretty laid back high school and is revealed with a 1700 SAT. As a adcom at the best colleges, who do you pick (if all other factors were set the same)? The 2300'er of course, even though the GPA is .4 lower.</p>

<p>^^ yea but if there's class rank it's probably better to have high GPA/low SAT so you'll be even looked at (speculating).</p>

<p>o yea, true</p>

<p>i don't think that's a fair example...it's more like 3.5 2300 vs 3.9 2100</p>

<p>i'm closer to the former, and i'd have to agree that it probably looks better than the latter. depending on the school, the gpa doesn't mean that much; everyone has a 4.0 these days.</p>

<p>oh and another thing rootbeer said: "poor as in still above a 90"
that makes me cry...</p>

<p>^So that means you've gotten Bs?</p>

<p>Unfortunately, the SAT is a test that only measures your skill at taking the SAT... Rich white kids who shell out thousands for SAT tutors, classes, etc are obviously going to get the advantage</p>

<p>that's very true, but then again rich white kids have an advantage in every aspect of the game.
The SAT IS a means by which colleges can compare individuals across the country, and although it is flawed, it is still a big part of your application.</p>

<p>bob mallet that is completely wrong- a high SAT score/low gpa is MOSTLY better than a low sat with high gpa- and by low i still mean above 3.0</p>

<p>this is because some schools have gpa inflation or are much easier than others or their grading system is formatted to inflate gpas
a high sat gauges evryone with the same test- yes i know this is not always the case and some ppl are just not good at standardized tests but are still intelligent</p>

<p>and yes some schools look heavier on gpas than sats..but if i were an admissions person i would look at sat over gpa usually..and yes rich white kids do take advantage of sat (like me)</p>

<p>"white kids" - didn't like that :( though i am not rich and am not w.</p>

<p>Wneckid99 i hope ur right lol. I used to go to a private school that had insane honors classes where it was impossible to get an A and the Adv. Physics B teacher gave out the most C's and D's in the school, but it was the best school in the state and it was a feeder for ivys. Then in the middle of my junior year i moved to another school where classes were easy and teachers basically threw extra credit options at you resulting in a quarter of the school having gpa's over 4. But my SAT score is higher than many of my friends who have 4.3's so I really hope that ur right cuz it will save my *ss lol</p>

bob mallet that is completely wrong- a high SAT score/low gpa is MOSTLY better than a low sat with high gpa- and by low i still mean above 3.0


So you would still take someone who get all As in all AP classes but gets a 2000 on the SAT over someone who gets a 2300 on the SAT but has a 3.0 GPA in college preparatory classes?</p>

<p>Practically everyone at my school scores significantly higher on the ACT, so you should definitely try taking that.</p>