high GPA, low SAT score?

<p>I nearly have a 4.0 (really a 3.9, but whatevs -- I hope to have one before the end of this year) with H classes (my school doesn't offer any APs except for history until senior year.) My highest practice test so far was a 1780. I'm scoring high 500's to low 600's while my friends who have less vigorous classes or lower GPAs are scoring at least 630's? I'm being tutored to fix this, but... I feel like a complete moron. The confidence I had in my intelligence is being beaten down. P: Is this common?</p>

<p>Try the ACT.</p>

<p>same here...my superscore is an 1880 =[...</p>


<p>I definitely will, but I would prefer to do both since I'm not sure if the colleges I'll be applying to will prefer or require one rather than the other.</p>


<p>It's good to know I'm not alone. My tutors don't seem to be concerned at all, but maybe they're trying to be nice about it. And what exactly is a 'superscore'? Is it a term on this website used to say your highest score?</p>

<p>super score is your combined best score from all the tests you have taken.</p>

<p>When you're getting 3.9-whatever GPA, you should not feel like a complete moron. SAT scores go up as you practice more.... I started at 1890 as my first practice test score, and my last practice test before my first SAT was 2240. On my first real SAT I got 2100. My first CR score was 550 or something so... don't be discouraged though it's hard not to be.</p>

<p>I have a perfect 4.0 and the whole spiel. My first test I was completely clueless and got a 1670. Now, just from a few practice tests, I got 1975. If you just practice you'll get better and notice trends.</p>

<p>@wasslion, a 1975 is not possible.</p>

<p>Now, just from a few practice tests, I got 1975</p>

<p>LOL what a noob</p>

<p>Are you referring to your average SAT score from all the SAT practice tests you've taken?</p>

<p>I second act
the test is a lot more fair overall. More knowledge-based questions, less trick questions</p>

<p>I agree with everyone who has said DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! </p>

<p>1) Your GPA is fantastic. Keep it up, that will be pivotal in college admissions. A GPA reflects 4 years of your life, the SAT reflects 4 hours.
2) On my junior year PSAT I received a 193. I was not too thrilled, but also not really discouraged because I didn't really know what I was capable of. Also, I thought scores in the 2000s were EXTREMELY uncommon. I guess I was a bit naive. My school requires us to take an SAT prep class for one quarter, and in the class I received a lot of 1800s on the practice tests.
Finally, it was January of my junior year and I decided to sign up for the SAT. I took three practice tests in the Kaplan book beforehand, but I didn't time them. I just took them and realized what I did wrong and where. When I took the actual SAT, my initial scores were:
CR: 690, M: 700, W: 750, T: 2140. I was totally thrilled. I decided that if I could increase that much from my PSAT, I could surely increase more for the March SAT. My goal was 2200, but sadly, I did not even prepare for the March test. I just got a good night's sleep and RELAXED. When my March scores came back, I was shocked: CR: 770, M: 790, W: 760, T: 2320. I went from a 193 PSAT to a 2320 SAT, so you can clearly up your score with determination. Just do what feels right, and you will succeed.
3) Try the ACT too. Like everyone else has said, it tends to be fairer.</p>

<p>Hope that helped! :)</p>

<p>try to get that up man.. because GPA can varied by your school and coursework, so colleges arent really sure if you would get same GPA as someone else applying who went to a harder school. However, SAT is a nationwide test that is similar, so make sure you get it to 200+ which should be acceptable at alright colleges, dont worry it improves over time!!!
8th grade (202 M:64 W:70 CR:68) ---> 9th grade (221 M:75 W:76 CR:70) ------> 10th grade (238 M:78 CR:80 W:80) well this is just psat, but its like the same thing. Good luck just read alot that should bring your score up a good overall 300 or 400 points.</p>

<p>better than my situation >.></p>



<p>^That's awesome. I bet you go to a harder school or you're just a slacker...</p>

<p>are u here to brag pi face or what?</p>

<p>Man, I thought my 3.9 GPA and 2030 SAT score were good enough for Cornell, but after seeing these scores, I feel so inferior. Maybe that explains why they rejected me outright. <em>sigh</em> It's tough to have the bar raised so high.</p>

<p>@fresh: My school's fairly presitigious but it's more due to my laziness. </p>

<p>@coffee: No.....I would much rather be in the OPs situation (high GPA, low SAT) that my own (low GPA, high SAT). Colleges will just think I'm lazy whereas theyll see that the OP tries to work hard.</p>

<p>I was in the same boat in high school--all IB classes, great GPA, but the PSAT didn't go well for me. I realized later on that I just didn't know how to take the test. Knowing the ins and outs of the test is just as important as knowing the materials. Find a workbook that will teach you all the tips and tricks. I can recommend some if you like.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Same. I feel as though the SATs measure a small area of intelligence. I'm an overachieving student with the most AP classes, etc etc, and my PSAT was a 176 with some studying, while others got 190-200 without studying.</p>

<p>If all all else fails, SAT optional is a good way to go. A list of larger state schools (particularly in California and Texas) and smaller liberal arts colleges are changing their admissions policies. Make sure to look into some of these colleges , they include: Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Connecticut, Hamilton, Hampshire, Middlebury, Pitzer and Union Colleges.</p>