high grades vs. low sat scores

<p>Would a college ever consider grade inflation at the high school because of this situation? Or would it give the benefit of the doubt and assume that the student is a bad test taker?</p>

<p>At a top college, the reason wouldn't matter. The applicant just would not be accepted. At less selective schools, there's room to discuss the situation.</p>

<p>ok ok ok...this is what i have experience and what i heard. In our school, our valedictorian is a 4.45blah blah. ok, in schools dat have grade inflation, that is like the usual top 10 percent ppl or top 5 percent. our school has grade deflation and colleges know that. in our school, we have a lot of acceptances because our SAT score average is unusally high and the GPA most ppl have. if a schools has grade inflation and has low test scores, admission officers will be suspicious to see if your GPA is "for real". dats why when admission process, they take into account your school.</p>

<p>Standardized test scores are really controversial mainly because they truly do not measure/convey a student's academic ability. I think colleges would be willing to lean more toward grades rather than test scores only if the student made up for the low test scores. The grades, EC's, recommendations and essays all have to be superb or you will not hold a great chance.</p>