High point University Scholars Weekend 2019

did anyone attend high point university presidential scholars weekend this weekend? I am curious how it went my daughter will be attending the weekend of the 22nd

So I just got back home from high point’s presidential scholars weekend, I didn’t stay for the closing events. Here are my thoughts. It rained all weekend which was a bummer but all in all it was a very nice weekend. Dinner and entertainment Friday evening was very nice and not over the top. Saturday, the best way to sum up the day for me is it was a low -pressure timeshare presentation for the parents. For the first half of the day, the parents and students were attending different events. My daughter had her interview in the morning which was great since it allowed us to skip out early. As far as the interview was concerned my daughter said it was very short about 10 to 15 mins. She said 2 of the questions required her to think a little. The first question was "what do you think is the biggest issue facing the world today? And the second was what global issue have you been following lately. I am not sure if the weekend has moved the bar one way or the other for my daughter but she did enjoy getting more HPU swag.

I agree. We were there yesterday as well. Everything was organized and the campus is absolutely gorgeous. My son loves it. For me and my husband, we have some serious concerns but it was hard to hold on to those concerns the more we stayed on campus. It’s real easy to loose focus when you’re around all that luxury.

Does anyone know when the scholarship decisions are made?

received scholarship information in the mail yesterday. Increased by $5k from the original amount on the acceptance letter.

If you are still around, I would love to get more info about your original award amount and whether or not you decided to attend High Point.

I know this is a rather late response I am not out here very often. The original amount on the acceptance letter was $10K a year. So it was increased to $15k a year. My daughter decided HPU was not the right fit for her shortly after the scholars’ weekend. She is very happy with her decision not to attend HPU. She decided on Elon University.

CTNCGirl#1: We’re going this Feb. for the Scholars weekend with my daughter. Just curious what your daughter’s stats were coming out of HS. My daughter got $10,000 too so we’re hoping for an increase also. If you don’t mind, did you guys get anything from Elon? I heard they are very tight with their money. Any info or advice you have for her would help. Thanks in advance.

We are registered for one of the February 2020 scholarship weekends as well. ProudMama2019, I’m curious what your “concerns” are. My daughter and I toured this past fall. Since then, and especially since her application and admission, we have been overrun with emails and snail mail pamphlets etc… I find it a bit too much and have an uneasy feeling about HPU’s strategies at attracting students. It’s all little too glossy and perfect. I’m curious if I’m the only one who feels this way? Also, does anyone have any opinions on diversity on campus and the surrounding area? I was surprised to find the campus gated. Is that a reflection of an unsafe area…?

don’t know how to edit, but meant to say safety of the surrounding area…

Sure ranked 18 out of 500 students in her high school, weighted GPA 4.375 unweighted 3.91. Elon she applied and received the odyssey scholarship and the presidential scholarship. With other elon grant’s and NC grants for private college she basically got full tuition paid

That’s amazing. I hope she’s doing well there. We loved that school too. My daughter has very similar stats and got nothing from Elon. Go figure.

She loves it. It was the right decision for her. It was a toss up between Elon and UNC Chapel Hill as a mom I am glad she chose Elon and that was even before she found out about the odyssey scholarship which basically sealed the deal.

Kinda late but I would strongly advise 2kidsandus to go with your gut and see HPU for what it really is. I wrote a longer comment on another thread, but I ended up transferring out after my 3rd semester because I truly could not handle the shallow students and emphasis on money as the most important thing in life. You’re right to assume that the school is too glossy and perfect - academics are a joke and all anyone cares about is what Greek organization you’re in and where you’re going for spring break. Please keep in mind that I was in a sorority on campus, so this is not a bitter opinion from a Greek reject. I did meet a few truly nice people during my time there, but unless your son/daughter gets a full ride, HPU is 10000% not worth it.