high point university vs university of delaware for business and why....

My friend’s son got into both high point university and the entrepreneurial program at the university of delaware…would love feedback about both…Thanks

I went to HPU last year for business. Freshmen don’t even get to touch business courses… I transferred to University of Maryland and am loving it.

I would recommend UD. If you have specific questions feel free to ask or check my post history for my complaints about HPU

definitely Delaware because unlike HPU, it’s a real academic institution. Do your homework wisely on this.

Thank you for inquiring about HPU’s Phillips School of Business! Business is our top major on campus, and the Princeton Review named HPU one of the best universities in the nation for business/finance majors.

Our students receive faculty mentorship and hands-on experience as soon as they begin their journey at HPU. Below are links to a few examples of this.

In addition, Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph serves as HPU’s Entrepreneur in Residence and has mentored many students across campus. He has a special relationship with entrepreneurship majors at HPU and helped this student launch her company after graduation: http://www.highpoint.edu/blog/2016/05/meet-the-seniors-emily-de-lena-becomes-a-full-time-entrepreneur/

Additional HPU Business School opportunities:

Business Plan Competition – http://www.highpoint.edu/blog/2017/04/hpu-students-win-start-up-funds-at-2017-business-plan-competition/
Elevator Pitch Competition – http://www.highpoint.edu/blog/2017/11/hpu-students-awarded-start-up-funds-at-elevator-pitch-competition/
HPU’s Sales Center – http://www.highpoint.edu/blog/2016/11/hpu-sales-labs-where-students-learn-to-sell-their-value/

Also, 96 percent of all HPU graduates launch careers or go on to graduate school after they complete their degree. Here’s some more information and student profiles about HPU’s Phillips School of Business: http://www.highpoint.edu/blog/associated-site/associated-sites-25/

Avg SAT at HPU is 1095, Avg SAT at UDel is 1235. HPU 4 year graduation rate 59%, 20% don’t return for sophomore year. It does not appear HPU’s Business School is accredited by AACSB. UDel is accredited by AACSB. UDel is stronger academically with a more robust and respected Business School. In my view, HPU is not one of the best business schools in NC, forget the country.
Of course you can attend HPU and be successful. Of the two, I’d pick UDel.

@pardullet I am one of those 20% that did not return for sophomore year… one of the PROUD 20%.