High point university

I was wondering if the students really enjoy highpoint and if it’s like highschool all over again. I read up on the surrounding city and heard its awful…is this true? Do students have enough to do here? And I was also wondering if there are any colleges like high point and university of Tampa and tcu

There are a lot of people who really enjoy High Point. There are a lot of people who don’t and most of those people choose not to attend it. I would visit to check out the location for yourself.

As for similar schools, I’d say Elon, Wake Forest, SMU, and Furman are good matches for HPU/TCU although I can’t speak much to Tampa.

High Point isn’t at all respected academically, not nearly on the same level as even Tampa or TCU in that regard. It would also definitely be like high school all over again - just a bunch of rich northerners who couldn’t get into better universities but just coast through on their parents’ money. They pamper their students, but don’t challenge them. If you want to grow as a person, go somewhere else.

I go to High Point, what @LBad96 said is 100% true. I’m transferring

I would not compare High Point to Elon or Wake Forest AT ALL. OMG, it is really, really hard to get into Wake. They have an acceptance rate of 28% (compared with High Point which is over 70%). And Elon’s acceptance rate is 49% unless you go ED (then it is much higher). Still, both Elon and Wake are FAR better academically than High Point.

@EASmall To be fair, Elon is only marginally better, if at all. Most people who would get accepted to High Point would also get accepted to Elon.

bbe267…According to the US News stats, the average GPA of the incoming students at Elon is a 4.0. At HPU it is a 3.2. The average SAT scores of the incoming students at Elon are also significantly higher than the average SAT scores of the incoming students at HPU. Elon has a much better reputation academically.

Also…to address a comment up-thread, HPU doesn’t compare well academically to Furman.

Average unweighted GPA at Elon: 3.97
Average SAT: 1198
Average ACT: 27

Average unweighted GPA at HPU: 3.23
Average SAT: 1108
Average ACT: 24

It’s generally seen that Elon aspires to be Wake Forest and High Point aspires to be Elon.

Did not know the gap was so big! Thanks for clarification.

I live in High Point and I do not enjoy living here. It’s a small town, with nothing to do, but then again I’ve been living here my whole life so take that into account.

you should enquire about the cost of meal plans at High Point University…
its over $7300 per year and just under 30k over 4 years ( yes thats $30,000.00) which is nearly 4 times the national cost to feed someone. They bring in over 30 MILLION just from the meal plans on a yearly basis and the food is far from being extraordinary

In my opinion High Point is not a university or an academic institution, rather, a day care center for North Eastern kids who couldn’t get into better schools and who were seduced by multiple outdoor swimming pools on campus. I was shocked when I visited my nephew there last year. It looked fake.