High Point University

I was wondering if High Point University is a good school to look into if i’m going to be going the pre-med route and a major in one of the biological sciences or chemistry. There are a few things that concern me though, such as it’s horrible “after college” rating on niche which only places the average salary of grads at 40k? Also, is it a liberal arts school? And most importantly as an undergrad who wants to pursue higher education after, how is the grade inflation there? will it help my gpa or be detrimental like schools like BU.

You can’t compare High Point with Boston univ at all… been to high point campus well developed but it’s really not in the same league. As a BU grad, Boston has a powerful name brand on a global level.

Hmmm…my mother told me if you can’t say something nice about some(college) then. . . but. . .

I think High Point has a lot of money and uses it to pamper their students so quality of life is high. It’s got a reputation as a big party school as well. Not saying you can’t get a decent education there, but I think it has a long to way go. I’ll leave it at that.

yeah i see that but BU is notorious for grade deflation, im just wondering if HPU has inflation or deflation like that, bc theres not many statistics on it

I would guess that High Point has grade inflation, but I’m surmising.

BU does have a problem with grade deflation and I agree to me it’s a problem but with the brand helps… my kid is applying to BU and that’s my fear too… I’ve given him my thoughts about BU…

Med schools will know the quality of the college you are graduating from and know whether the college grade inflates or deflates. If you have not read through the HPU forum, I would encourage you to do so (maybe the first page of threads). I think there are serious concerns regarding HPU’s endowment/debt, how money on spent facilities over academics, and that their professors are not compensated as well as other universities.