High Point University

<p>There has been a fair amount of chatter on this site about High Point University regards to it's academic reputation. My son attended and recently graduated from a well known prep. school (GPA was 85.5 (B) and SAT score for M and CR was 1240). He was accepted at a number of good LAC's and State Schools. He has decided to attend High Point University and recenlty withdrew his acceptance to an LAC. </p>

<p>I would like to admit that I was a sceptic based on my preliminary research and reading posts on High Point on CC. My son and I took the time to call HP graduates, poll existing students, and meet with professors within the school. We also scheduled a meeting with our local school representative and technology dept.. We did this to make sure we felt we had a solid understanding of the school and it's philosophy for educating it's students as well as the overall plan or mission for the schools future.</p>

<p>I can honsetly confirm that High Point University is not the same school is was 3-4 years ago, the investment in campus infastructure and cutting edge technology is second to none. The labs and classrooms are incredible, they have hired 40 new professors in the last two years. They have just completed a new communications and business school with land being cleared and developed for new fraternity housing with a completion date of late 2011. Future plans include a new science school to offer Nursing, PT, OT, and a PA program.</p>

<p>High Point also seems very commited to improving it's academic standing, thonor student programs are thriving, 2010 freshman enrollement has increased to 1130 students for the class of 2010. College Test Scores are up again by 50 pointsand the school charges a single comprehensive fee with no hidden costs.</p>

<p>Please note I have no connection to the school other than being a proud parent of a son who listened to his heart, did his research, and found a school that is a good fit. I am not trying to sell High Point, my post is to try to help parents who are on the fence about High Points reputation, do not listen to anyone elses opinions, go visit and see for yourself.</p>

<p>For 2010---</p>

<p>Total Applications Received: 4529
Offers of Admission: 3228
Freshman Enrolled: 1030
Over 60% of this year's freshmen applied Early Decision or Early Action
Mid-range SAT scores for entering freshmen: 990-1140
Mean SAT score (CR & Math) for entering freshmen: 1069
Mean ACT Composite score for entering freshmen: 23</p>