High SAT, Low GPA

Hello! I’m applying to UT with a 3.43 UW GPA, top 9% rank, IB Diploma Candidate. To help counteract my low GPA a little bit, I studied hard for 2 months to get a 1510 (780 M, 730 R/W). While I know that essays and EC’s play a big role (I have been working on essays super early and its turning out good+pretty good EC’s), how does UT, or even Texas public colleges view High SAT’s and Low GPA/Rank? I’m worried about being competitive academically for UT, but I do have safeties like A&M.
Thanks for looking through a somewhat rambling post, hope you all have an amazing night :slight_smile:

Your top 9% and your excellent SAT score make you competitive for a non-auto admit, but the major you are applying to could have a big impact on your admission chances.


        1510 SAT score.......(excellent score)
        Class Rank of top 9%......(right outside the auto-admit 6%)
        IB Diploma.........(it shows rigor, and not as many applicants will have it)
        Solid essays........ (many top-stat students do not put in the time to write 
        them and under-estimate how important they are)


        Good but not great GPA


        "Pretty good" ECs

Best of luck!

I’m applying for biology (so CNS?). I have a cardiology shadowing EC, a significant band leadership EC (2 years, brass captain), and leadership in a couple of other clubs. I’ve also worked consistently at a food bank and I’ve started a biology club at my school. Will those help my case rather then being a con or neutral? Sorry if I sound ignorant haha I’m genuinely confused about the whole process and I’m trying to get a realistic estimate of my chances (I’m also Indian/black).
My essays focus on the reason for my interest in cardiology, which is based off a personal death, and so far one of the best things I’ve written (if that gives any indication ). I’m still working on supplementals and trying to tie them back to my experiences in band and volunteering

@NTexasTu …your cardiology EC, and the fact that it is in an area in which you want to study, definitely makes it stand out. I would move that EC into the “Pro” section. The other ECs (band, clubs, etc.) are commendable; but there are so many applicants with those types of ECs, I would keep those in the “Neutral” category.

You made reference to being “Indian/Black”. If you are considered an Under Represented Minority (URM), it could help your chances as most schools seek diversity in their applicants.

Keep focusing on those essays. It sounds like you have a voice and a story that needs to be heard. I am sure you will make a great addition to the campus!

P.S. If UT Austin does not work out, you should seriously consider Texas A&M. The education you receive and the alumni connections you make there can take you far in life.