High School and College classes

<p>So I'm a high school senior right now, and I'm taking both college classes and high school at the same time. I'm taking my required high classes including APs. I will also be taking Sociology 100 and Psychology 100 in a community college.
People, including my high school counselor, are telling me that my situation is too hard for me to keep up and to drop 1 college class.</p>

<p>Question is, are Psychology 100 and Sociology 100 really that difficult for a high school student who also takes high school classes?
From the scale of 1-10, how HARD is it to get A in both classes? </p>

<p>I don’t think it is possible for someone to rate how hard it would be to get an A in both classes. Much depends on the particular Community College, the teacher, how the class is taught, what kind of student you are, etc. You do want to make sure you maintain your GPA through senior year, so be honest with yourself about how reasonable your schedule is.</p>

<p>It’s not about how “Hard” the class is. It’s about how much time / work you are willing to spend outside of school studying to get good grades on the class. Seriously, a 13 year old could pass the class if he really put in the effort too. Don’t let the fact that it’s community college scare you. Just put in the effort and time and you should do fine.</p>