High School/Area Factors and ACT

<p>I live in a small IL town and go to a public school where NO ONE has ever even dared APPLY at an Ivy or similar. The best last year went to Syracuse and Michigan - Ann Arbor, as well as a few to UIUC. Combined with the fact that my schools financial troubles mean few (7 i think) APs and no science/math ECs or research opportunities that could get me recognized at a Harvard-type school, will this help or hurt in the admissions process. I'm very sure it will seem i've done the best under the circumstances, but I seem so far, far below others who got into Harvard in all areas save class rank, GPA, perhaps essays, and probably test scores (I'm only a soph. and haven't taken them yet). Being a White Male, I will hane NO "hook" to help me, but I may apply EA to Harvard if I think I have a shot. Maybe I should set my sights a little lower? Thanks for any input.</p>

<p>P.S. Do any Ivies look down upon taking the ACT I over the SAT?(I can't help it it's just what the Midwest does)</p>

<p>SAT is preferred on the coast....and ACT usually in the Midwest, i'd say to take both and obviously score high</p>

<p>Take both of them and send the one that you did better in.</p>