High School Class of 2020

Feel free to post your class schedules here, and just for general discussion.

I would like to see what others are going to be doing in highschool.

There’s already one of these.

This one is fine. It’s not polluted by useless chatter and crazy upperclassmen. Good luck.

Preach . ^

Good luck, 2020! :smiley:

What are you guys doing on this site? When I was your age my biggest concern was being able to skip middle school PhyEd exams; I wasn’t even close to thinking about college.

Good luck, '2020. I won’t act like other upperclassmen who criticize you for being on this website so early in your high school career. I understand the desire to prepare yourself for college, it really is a 4 year thing for the top colleges.

All I have to say is try to get involved and have fun while also trying hard in school. High School isn’t suppose to be work 24/7, have fun!

tfw out of 7 comments, not a single one has actually been by a c/o '20.

2020 bros :smiley:

Don’t let all your middle school friends fall away so easy, but make sure to really find people who meet your own interests. Also, don’t be afraid to self-study and set your own limits.

Hey I am class of 2020 too! I actually already made one of these, but feel free to join it!


Check them dates, @Oliviadakota - your thread was created nine days after these guys’. Woops!

Hi I’m in class 2020 and here are the classes I plan on taking my freshman year:

Humanities (English l pre-ap credit)
Biology pre-ap
Geometry pre-ap
World Geography pre-ap
Theater tech
Spanish ll

I’ve heard biology is one of the hardest classes for freshman and a lot of people dropout.

@boogie345 Bio isn’t hard if you study your vocabulary.

@gearsstudio Many middle schoolers use this site for advice on high school admissions.
Check out: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/prep-school-admissions/

the distinct lack of 2020ers here is frightening
we did it again guys

hey!! i found the thread!!

here’s my schedule for freshman year:

english 1 honors
algebra 2 honors
ap human geography
chemistry honors [internal screaming]
debate 1
latin 1
journalism 1

@boogie345 basketball as a course… that’s pretty cool.

@pinklinks you’re allowed to take chem freshman year? At my school, we have the option between physical science and biology. Though, you have a strong schedule academically :slight_smile:

@h08vs20 yeah - my district is pretty competitive (orange county, fl, if you’re curious) and if you’re on a honor/ap track then you usually start high school classes in 7th grade. usually, freshmen take biology but i guess the math in algebra 2 will be useful in chem, so i’ll be take biology sophomore year. also, thank you :smiley:

My school starts with the high school math in 7th grade also, so our school is similar in some respects. Geometry is the prerequisite for biology. Honors students go Honors Bio – AP Chem – AP Bio – AP Physics 1. Typically, students take Physical Science – Bio – Chemistry – Physics. It’s interesting that you’re taking chemistry before biology though. Let me know how the class goes. @pinklinks

English 1
Geometry Honors
History Honors
Physical Science Honors
Spanish II