High School Class of 2020

@Foreboding yes it is easier to get in out of state and internationally than other public schools because they want money and prestige. And @mjt182 UCLA is really nice. Westwood/LA is such a great place to live and there’s plenty to do with all the sports games, not to mention that it’s in LA. The only problem is I want to be pre-med but being that it’s a large school, the advising is great and it’s a struggle to get the classes u want.

@Max147 Yes, I already live in the area too! It’d be just so nice to go to a top college and still be super close to my family. I plan on majoring in Business Econ with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

@mjt182 UCLA would definitely like my top choice if I were in state. The tuition is nothing compared to other schools of the same caliber. Berkeley is good too since you’re in state.

Guys, I just had a sudden realization. Our childhood is almost over! Think about it! We only have two years, and then we are off on our own for the rest of our lives. Slightly scary? I’ve heard that we haven’t even gotten to the best part of life, so I’m not too freaked out.

Really? I am super freaked like I don’t know where I’ll be in the future, or if my college process works out. People around me see lots of success in me, but I am scared that I will end up messing up, it is nerve-wracking.

Btw is there anyone in tennis? I recently joined and am on JV, I was wondering if it was okay to play with running shoes for first like two games because I haven’t had time to buy tennis shoes and break into them. Also, can I get tips on how hard to hit the ball on a serve, 75% of the time, I hit it too hard, and it’s out.

@goneaway I’m on my school’s varsity tennis team. It’s fine if you wear running shoes but get tennis shoes asap because with regular running shoes a sprained ankle is inevitable. You should be hitting the serve with as much strength and spin as possible. If it’s going way out you’re probably hitting the ball too late or too early.

@collegeredy33 Thank you! Do you think it’s possible for one to make varsity by senior year if they are on lower level JV? I say this because I actually do really enjoy the sport and I am literally a perfectionist and want to be good at what I do.

@goneaway yes I think you can. I believe it depends from school to school but for my school I made varsity because I’m fast on the court and can get almost any ball. Though my serves and backhand are weak, my strength in speed compensates for my weaknesses. If I were you I would try to build a foundation on every thing and then find one thing you’re better at, and become amazing at that.

Sitting in Ap world thinking about everything but. I cant believe AP tests are in under a month. Anyone else feel as unprepared as I do lol?

I just went on my tour of NYU today since we have vacation this week in MA. The campus is actually pretty concentrated and it’s not as busy as say midtown. They have a lot of resources there. You wouldn’t believe the type of clubs and activities they fund and there’s a lot of opportunities to study abroad. It’s also a great area and there’s lots of opportunities for interning since it’s in NYC. It would be great to go there if it weren’t so expensive (70k+ per year with personal expenses).

@nycbell Feeling hella unprepared over here!! I’ve got my Calc BC exam that I don’t know half the material on, and then APUSH. We’re still on the Great Depression and we’ve got like 70 years of history left.

@phanakin Great Depression, my class finished that like wayy long ago. That’s completely unfair to you and your classmates!

@nycbell I’m feeling pretty confident for the econ tests but I’m stressing out about psych. I’m self-studying and I still have to put in more time because I’m shooting for a 5. I have a decent amount of homework for all my other classes too and I have a recital coming up. Next year is going to be so much worse though.

@trumpetmathgeek What are you using to self-study Psych? I’m practically self-studying. I finished the class in the Fall and don’t remember anything so I have to relearn haha.

@mjt182 I’m using Princeton Review right now. I also read the Myer’s Psychology for AP textbook.

@trumpetmathgeek I’m using Princeton Review too! As well as Barron’s Flashcards and Crash Course. I think there’s a thread somewhere here about self-studying for AP Psychology. Are you following it?

@mjt182 Best of luck to you!

@ab2002 I’m freaked out about the “childhood” thing too. It’s crazy to think about how we’re almost 18 already. I’m turning 16 the start of junior year, which I have trouble believing.

Have a good day!

@nycbell I feel unprepared too. Don’t worry. You’re not alone!

@Max147 I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your tour at NYU!

Have a good day!

@mjt182 I’m glad that at least your class is chugging along at the right pace!!! I’m going to have to cram a bunch, I think, in order to make it in time for the AP exam.