High School Class of 2023

First time caller long time fan here!
I can’t believe NO ONE has made this thread!
So here it is.
I am 13 from SoCal and doing online school (YUCK!)
My schedule for Freshman year is:
Honors English 9
Honors Algebra II
Honors Bio
AP Human Geography
AP Art History (maybe)
School starts September 3rd.
The goal is Carnegie Mellon University - Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence
Now tell me about you!

I’ve been waiting for someone to make this, too. I’m 15, from the Northeast, and homeschooled. Here’s my schedule:
English/history 9 (double credit class)
AP Calculus BC
AP Physics C
Spanish 4
German 1
School’s been going for about a week now. Right now, I expect I’ll end up at some large state university, and I’m not sure what I’ll be studying, since I love all of my classes except for the writing part of English.

Since I only have 5 classes, before school started I was considering adding a sixth, just to have another class. My first day, though, I was very glad that I didn’t!

I don’t really feel like sharing identifying information over the Internet (shocker! It’s not like schools have yearly assemblies on cybersafety and security).

Also, wow, can’t believe you guys have already picked out colleges. I haven’t quite done enough research for that.

School hasn’t started yet for me tho

I’m a little bummed.
I didn’t get the AP Human Geography or the AP Art History.
This school requires a semester of Health (Boring) but I got to pair it with
Honors Psychology so THAT may work out.

Honors English 9
Honors Algebra II
Honors World History
Honors Bio
Health/Honors Psychology
Cross your fingers for me!
I start tomorrow!

The semester is half over now!
How is everyone doing?

I finished my health class in 1 week so I had a hole in my schedule.
I was allowed to pick up a Game Design class and I am LOVING it!

I’m doing okay in my classes so far:

Game Design 95
PE 95
Honors Bio 94
Honors English 93
Honors World History 89 (Worried)
Honors Algebra II 88 (SUPER WORRIED)

I joined:
The Gaming and Technology Club

in your online school, do you guys get semester grades, or only one final grade?

The school I am in now is a lot like traditional school.
We have semester classes (my health class was only a semester) and semester grades.
Because I can work faster (or slower) as it suits me my semester end is not really dated.
Right now it looks like my semester will end the week of January 14.

Anyone else get their PSAT 8/9 scores back??

what did you get

600 English
510 Math

I need to work SO MUCH harder in math!

First semester grades are in!

Health 95
Game Design 93
Honors Algebra II 88 (BOO!!!)
Honors Biology 93
Honors English 92
Honors World History 94
PE 95

I transferred in credit for 4 classes from middle school 3.75

This semester
3.9 Unweighted
4.14 Weighted

3.8 Unweighted
3.95 Weighted

On to semester 2.
I wish everyone good luck!

It doesn’t seem like anyone is out there but I’m going to keep going.
So, despite The pandemic my second semester went pretty well!

Intro to Psych 99
Game Design 95
Honors Algebra II 93!!!
Honors Biology 98
Honors English 95
Honors World History 97
PE 99

This semester
4.14 Unweighted
4.43 Weighted

3.87 Unweighted
4.01 Weighted

I was 33/449 semester 1
I have to wait to see if I went up semester 2

I am taking Dual Enrollment Japanese 1 at a local community college this summer.

Planning Sophomore year!

Honors English 10
Honors Algebra Pre-Calc
Honors Chem
AP US Government and Politics/AP Psych
Java Programming I/II

I was the very first student at my school to be invited to be on a Game Design Pathway!!

The goal is still:
Carnegie Mellon University - Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence OR
Columbia University - Design and Development of Digital Games

Joining this thread now. Last year I took English I, Ancient Civ, Newspaper, Honors Geo, Film I, Honors Latin III, Honors Bio

Right now I am also planning for my sophomore year:

Honors English 2 (10)
Honors Trig
Honors Latin IV
Honors Chem
Film 2
AP World History

AP Econ (Micro and Macro)
AP Comparative Gov’t and Politics

Taking 2 courses this summer about Public Policy and Global Econ as well as a Comp Sci course in Java.

My goal is to study either politics or economics in college and then law school.
(Potentially PPE at Oxford)

See everyone in the fall.

You have some really interesting stuff.

Good luck!

Recently joined.
My schedule for freshman year with quarter-wise grades was:
AP Physics 1 – BBAA
Honors English 1 – ABBA
AP World History – BBBA
AP Comp Sci A – BBAA
Honors Algebra II – AAAA
Math Research 2 – BAAA
Honors Chemistry – AAAA

This year was really stressful. Mostly because I took AP Physics. I did end up with an A average(thank the lord) but had to work my ass off. And honestly, my English teacher was annoying as hell because I had borderline B’s every time and she deliberately did not give me the extra credit(I did all that she gave). I had always been a straight-A student up until last year. I hope this year is much better. Planning on taking AP Chemistry and Spanish 2 next year. Should I switch them with Data Structures and Algorithms and Physics Lab?

I thought about Spanish 2 because I haven’t filled my language requirement for high school. Other than that, I don’t have a reason for taking it. Should I take AP Chem and Spanish next year or switch them?


Sophomore schedule is set now.
I got MOST of what I wanted.

Java Programming I/II
English 10 Honors
Chemistry Honors
Pre-Calculus Honors
AP Gov & Politics

I have to take Geometry AGAIN AGAIN (third time taking the class despite the fact I have gotten an A BOTH times before) due to a clerical error!

Apparently AP Psych is not available semester 2 so I am taking BOTH AP Micro & AP Macro Economics

Bonus points I got an A in my duel enrollment Japanese class!! YaY me!

Not sure if this is still active but I will share my schedules :slight_smile:

My freshman year was:
Honors English A-/A
Honors Algebra I A/A
Honors Biology A/A
Honors Western Civ. (History) B+/A
Spanish II A/A
Health A

Took Geometry online over the summer A/A

My sophomore schedule is as follows:
Honors English
Honors Algebra II
Honors Chemistry
AP European History
Honors Spanish IV (scheduling conflict so I had to skip Sp. III)

I got into various selective computer science schools such as Carnegie Mellon University School for CS and Columbia University. Furthermore, I also got into UC Berkeley, Cornell, Georgia Tech, UCLA, and UCSD. I went to high school in SoCal but moved to Pittsburg when I decided I wanted to go to CMU. Even though I graduated from high school in 2019, I may be able to help you with reaching your goal. Just reply back if you have any questions.

Good Luck!