High School classes taken in Middle School lower

Which reporting my GPA, I took high school classes in Middle School. If those are included on my GPA, my GPA is lowered slightly. If I just include my high school classes taken during high school, my GPA is higher. Which GPA do I report?

The GPA you report is what’s on your official transcript from your HS.

Which is typically just your actual courses taken in 9th-12th. Accelerated courses may be shown on your transcript - earlier foreign language courses are often shown, and my D’s shows her accelerated math courses - but usually aren’t included in a “High School GPA.”

But as noted, your school has the final word, check with them - I seem to recall reading about an exception where earlier courses were included. Whatever your school reports, you should report.

Don’t overthink this. Any admissions office that can’t see that the one not-so-hot grade on your record is from a high school class you took as a middle schooler, is a place run by people you don’t want to be associated with.