High School Course Plan??? Need help!!!

<p>Hey! I'm one of those planning types that just NEEDS to make a plan of stuff...but i really don't know what to do for my 10th grade sci classes, since i want to double up on science classes, but im already taking most of the classes later on in hs....so here's my plan for high school:</p>

Honors LA 9th grade (World Studies Block)
Honors World History I
Advanced Algebra
Spanish II
Leadership (1 semester)
Peer Mentoring (1 semester)</p>

<p>10TH GRADE:
Honors LA 10th grade (World Studies Block)
Honors World History II
AP Calculus AB
Spanish III
Honors Bio/Chem
????? Idk what to do for this extra blank spot...</p>

<p>11TH GRADE:
AP Lang/Comp
AP US History
AP Bio
AP Chem
Spanish IV</p>

<p>12TH GRADE:
AP Lit/comp
AP Psychology
AP Statistics
AP Environmental Sci
AP Spanish
AP Physics</p>

<p>As you can see im doubling up on science classes for everything but 9th grade...in which i'm taking honors bio/chem. this class is literally one semester bio and one semester chem, both of them honors...but the thing is, i can take one semester of either bio or chem, and then take a one-semester sci class (i really only want to do the Human Anatomy and Physiology class, since i plan on majoring in medicine). so which shud i take, honors bio or honors chem? which is best for preparing for the ap bio or chem classes?
and also, which is harder, ap bio or ap chem? </p>

<p>Some classes are set in stone, such as all the spanish classes, ap physics, ap environmental sci, all the 9th grade classes, and all the History/SS and Language classes. But which classes should i switch up or not do entirely?</p>

<p>Which classes would be best self-studied over the summer??? cause i plan on skipping math analysis and am wondering if i should self-study some AP classes that aren't offered at our skl and take the test for the credits....but is that too difficult?</p>

<p>HELP MEEEE!!!!!


<p>Get through the ninth grade. These classes might not be available when you get there. Everything could change.</p>

<p>Yeah, plus, make sure you have a Math Class at least 3 years of high school (preferably 4) since it really goes hand-in-hand with things like physics and chemistry. Or at least I thought so. Anyone agree? </p>

<p>Anyway, you’re too young to plan EVERYTHING OUT. Start with ninth grade, and see how things are. In other words, procrastinate?</p>

<p>Oh yeah. The math is necessary.</p>

<p>There are two courses that you must take every year of high school: English and Math</p>

<p>I don’t care if your school only requires three maths (my state requires 4 though), you need to take math and English every year.</p>

<p>No math junior year is a BAD idea.</p>

<p>But seriously… This is one of those things that you need to take a year at a time. Even if they offer all of these classes, the schedules might not align.</p>

<p>For example, my school this year decided to offer Psychology. Almost all of my class signed up for it, so they told everyone to put up alternatives if they couldn’t get into it. Most kids put down Philosophy and Public Speaking.</p>

<p>A lot of kids signed up for two or three of those courses. Unfortunately, my school wasn’t very bright and put all three of those courses in the same period, so you ended up with 4 students in Philosophy, 8 in Public Speaking, and 30 in Psychology. None of these kids could take both courses, let alone all three.</p>

<p>So just wait it out and take it year at a time. You don’t even know your academic strengths and weaknesses now.</p>

<p>AP Envirosci is dropable. </p>

<p>You’re taking Calc AB in tenth grade but only AP Statistics after that!? You should definitely do at least Calc BC or go take a college course (MV calculus, linear algebra, or differential equations generally comes next).</p>

<p>Eh the harder AP class will probably depend on which honor class you end up taking. Personally I’d take the honors version of all three sciences (that’s what I did in fact, followed by all three APs). You can probably get away with not doing so, but in the end I think taking all three honors will make you a very strong science student.</p>

<p>haha…i kinda left out the fact that i might be taking AP calc BC junior year…sorry bout that…i see a lot of you mentioned that fact. yeah i’ll be taking math every year, don’t worry :)</p>

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