High School Course Selection guidance

Med aspirant high school sophomore, done with AP Bio. The question is about if need to take AP Chem for med career and if so, is it preferred to take in junior or senior year.
(already decided not to take AP Physics in high school due to complexity)
With junior year being busy with few other APs and AP Chem known to be hard, my sophomore is worried about the complexity of the AP Chem. She is suggesting taking it instead in the senior year than junior year. Since college apps will be going out after junior year, question is about the recommendation when to take it, please suggest.

I don’t think it really matters as there is a lot of variability between high schools. I would say that your D should do what she thinks will be best for her.

As for physics, just be sure she has taken some level of physics before graduation. Doesn’t ned to be AP level but most colleges want to see a year of bio, chem, and physics.


D will be taking Physics HN in Junior year , not taking AP physics thru high school. But AP Chem might be needed to show course rigor however asking if needed in junior vs senior yr

No preference exists.

That’s fine. And you should probably defer to her anyway. But I will add that she should not underestimate the time necessary for apps; that’s basically equivalent to another class


So basically no drawbacks on taking AP Chem in senior year as opposed to junior year I suppose from all the responses, where college apps begin in early senior year? She is going to take some advanced biology classes in junior year after doing AP Bio in sophomore year. Just that AP Chem is notoriously hard in their school. Appreciate all your time

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Has she taken any high school physics?

She will take Physics 1 Hons in Junior year and is not planning on taking AP Physics

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That’s good. Because I think she does need a HS physics course.

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Since it sounds like she is taking two sciences junior year (honors physics and post-AP bio), I think it’s wise to wait until senior year for AP chem.

As others stated, the goal should be to complete a bio, physics and chem course during high school. It sounds like she will so she should be fine.

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Thank you all, that’s really helpful. For any ED or EA applications for college in fall of senior year then, is it ok if AP Chem is not shown as complete but being taken in Senior year? As mentioned above she will have AP Bio, Hons. Chem1, Hons. Physics1 on there done by junior year along with post AP bio courses.

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Yes, that’s fine!

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