High school courses taken in middle school

In 8th Grade, I took Accelerated Algebra 1 and Geometry A. I got a 87% first semester and a 90% second semester (both without the 7 points). The yearly average is coming to an 88%. This is an honors class so I do get the 7 points added, but I was told that some colleges subtract the 7 points.
In a few weeks, I will get a firm whether I want to accept the high school credit. If I do, I will be taking Geometry B and Algebra 2 Honors. If I do not accept the credit, I will have to take the course again next year.
Should I accept the credit or not?

Colleges won’t see your middle school grades, even if they are HS level courses. If you are confident with the subject matter, take the credit and move on to the next level.

What if they go to your GPA? Will colleges just disregard it?

@dyasdf this high school section is for folks planning to apply to medical school. Is that your intention? If not…your posts belong elsewhere.

Our school district reports middle school grades on transcripts. Our students can elect to have the grade removed and retake for credit, but the grade definitely shows up.

(We actually calculate GPA for Val and sal with and without middle school grades.)

Our district also reports middle school grades for HS-level classes. You can’t opt out. I suggest you ask your GC what the options are, though I can’t imagine that one middle school grade would be the deciding factor regarding college admissions.

I do want to do premed, but there is no other section to put this question in. Which do you suggest?