High School Foreign Language and International Business

<p>I am a high school Junior who is thinking about majoring in international business for my undergraduate degree. I think the major would be a good way for me to combine my interest in business with my love for other cultures.</p>

<p>In high school, I have taken two years of Spanish and by the time I graduate, will have taken three years of college-level Latin. I am a good foreign language student (I make A's) and pick up on language fairly well, but am not one of those few lucky people with a gift for instantly picking up a new languages.</p>

<p>Obviously, Latin won't help me much if I wish to pursue an IB major, though it does make learning other languages, especially Romance languages, easier. Will going into an IB major with a strong background in Latin and a few years of Spanish be a disadvantage, or do colleges pretty much assume you have no foreign language experience and start you off in beginning language classes? Finally, how many levels of a given language does an IB major usually complete, and how many languages do most take on?</p>

<p>I can't answer your International Business questions but in regards to foreign languages, most schools will give you the option to test out of the classes. Some schools may offer their own test, and others may use a standardized test such as CLEP. I CLEP'ed out of two years of college German (which was essentially the equivalent of 4 years of HS German).</p>