High School Freedom

<p>How much freedom do you have with things like going out with your friends and having curfew and all that? </p>

<p>I'll start.. </p>

<p>I'm a junior and my parents just recently let me go out without much restrictions, just as long as i get home safe</p>

<p>I was allowed to join a gang so long as I did weed instead of cocaine and knew first aid for bullet and knife wounds.</p>


<p>I’m allowed to do pretty much whatever I want as long as my grades are good.</p>

<p>I’m allowed to do pretty much anything too. Problem is, there isn’t much to do around here…</p>

<p>Do not use freedom and high school in the same sentence.</p>

<p>You don’t know the meaning of freedom until after high school.</p>

<p>Ironically, there’s a high school in my area called Freedom High School.</p>

<p>^ hahaha</p>

<p>My parents (as well as all my friend’) are really cool. I can pretty much leave the house at any time as long as its not past midnight, and come back at any time as long as its before 3-4 or so. Love them lol</p>

<p>I’m a senior and I finally was given a curfew. haha. 11:30. If I call them, I don’t think they’d mind if I stayed out later… And once I’m 18/graduated… I don’t think they’re really going to care…</p>

<p>I’m not a trouble maker though, so my parents don’t really worry… I’m not a partier. My weekends consist of playing boardgames, going disc golfing, going out to eat, and watching movies. hahaha</p>

<p>But as for actual high school freedoms… I get to leave campus during my study halls and for lunch…</p>



<p>I think high school is when I’ll have the most freedom… ever… lol</p>

<p>I don’t have a curfew, really, but I can’t sleep over at friends’ houses (even if they are only three houses down -__-)</p>

<p>If I do decide to sleep over, I just do it. My mom doesn’t punish me, but she makes it clear she’s mad.</p>

<p>Yeah, I can pretty much do what I want, but I earned this kind of freedom ^_^</p>

<p>Of course, I have to let my mom know where I am.</p>

<p>Lol where I live there’s also a Freedom High School.</p>

<p>Kids do whatever they want.</p>

<p>I honestly have the freedom to do whatever really lol.
If I ask them if I could do something, I just call them and they say “sure, okay”
Sometimes I’ll come home past midnight. Eh, no biggie haha. It’s happened a few times.
They know I’m responsible.</p>

<p>I can do whatever I want so long as my parents don’t have to drive me/I wake them up.</p>

<p>hmmm i live near a high school called Incarceration High School</p>

<p>My dad went to Independence High School… They actually voted on the name, as they opened it up his senior year, so he had to switch. Anyways, they let the incoming senior class vote on the school name, street name, school colors, and mascot.</p>

<p>I am locked in my house 24-7 like a mole rat. My parents are prison wardens who only let me out once a day to go to school then lock me back into my house where I spend my time in my 15 by 17 cell <em>cough</em> room. Freedom is a word I dream of.</p>

<p>then I wake up.</p>

<p>Yeah, welcome to my life.</p>

<p>^If you’re serious, I feel sorry for you, unless you killed someone or something.</p>

<p>^^yeah, i’m pretty much the same. its called Nigerian parents.</p>

<p>I have absolute freedom when it comes to things like going out at night with friends. My parents know that I’m one of the most straight-edge kids ever. If I’m out until 1am, they know I’m probably just chilling in a friend’s basement. They don’t put any restrictions on me because they don’t need to.</p>

<p>My parents own me and school owns my time. Freedom and high school really shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. Oops.</p>