High School Freshman

My main question is what I should be doing as a freshman if I want to go to an Ivy League school. The classes I'm taking are
-Honors Physics
-Varsity Color Guard (this counts as PE visual arts, and it is my 3rd year on the varsity team)
-Honors French I
-Honors Latin I
-Honors English
-Honors Alg. II</p>

<p>I took the SAT's in 8th grade to apply for a program. I didn’t score very high but I did okay, I got; 480 reading, 490 writing, and 570 math.</p>

<p>I joined a few clubs, Best Buddies (you befriend disabled students), Junior Statesmen of America, and I’m trying to get on the Academic Decathlon team. Do you think I'm on the right path? Is there anything additionally I should be doing? Thank you for reading this and please give me your advice.</p>

<p>I'll tell you what I tell all freshmen and first-semester sophomores who post on this board:</p>

<p>RELAX! Enjoy high school, work hard, and come back to CC in two years. Do the things that interest you, find activities to be passionate about, and take as challenging a course load as possible.</p>

<p>DON'T aim at "an Ivy League school." Aim at a good fit school for YOU -- and trust me, you don't know what that is yet. It might end up being an Ivy, but if it is, it should because of what appeals to you about that particular school, not because it belongs to a prestigeous athletic conference. There are lots of schools that are just as "good" (whatever that means) as any Ivy league school, and there are lots of schools which might not be considered as "good" overall but might appeal to you because of their strength in a specific department, the particular vibe of the school, etc. Aiming for the Ivy League is completely arbitrary for anyone of any year, and particularly so as a freshman, because you don't know what will be realistic for you in three years when it comes time to apply, where your academic interests will lie, where in the country you'll want to go to school, and what particular educational philosophy appeals to you, among other things.</p>

<p>Please, stop posting here and go work hard and enjoy your life for a few more years. You're just stressing yourself by thinking about college now -- enjoy high school and have yourself some cool experiences.</p>

<p>I was going to be mean, but the ILB was nice and said everything that needed to be said.</p>

<p>Go off and enjoy your life, stop thinking about college and pushing for goals too distant to be all that concerned about. Do well in HS first, find your interests and yourself first, then worry about college.</p>

<p>And then, when you start looking, forget everything you thought you knew about what college is and what certain schools are. Read everyhting, ask advice from everyone, and do your own exploring to find somewhere that feels right and go for that, not some obscure measure of worth such as being a member of the Ivy League.</p>

<p>I'd have to agree with the above two posters on many counts...</p>

<p>To embellish, the college I wanted to go to in 9th grade is not the one I chose to attend now, let alone one I even wanted to apply to. Just keep up your grades and join activities you like - don't let the next few years suck cause you're trying to get into an Ivy. It won't work.</p>

<p>Your screen name and attitudte need adjustment! Ivy league schools are great, but picking a school just because of prestige is misguided. There are a ton of other great schools like Stanford, MIT, Swarthmore, Pomona, Williams, Amherst, etc, that aren't Ivies but will give you just as good, if not better, of an education and may be more of a fit. </p>

<p>And like MattyB said, when i was a frosh, Cornell was it. Now I wouldn't want to go there. So don't get too invested in your inclinations.</p>