High School Freshman

My main question is what I should be doing as a freshman if I want to go to an Ivy League school. The classes I'm taking are
-Honors Physics
-Varsity Color Guard (this counts as PE visual arts, and it is my 3rd year on the varsity team)
-Honors French I
-Honors Latin I
-Honors English
-Honors Alg. II</p>

<p>I took the SAT's in 8th grade to apply for a program. I didn’t score very high but I did okay, I got; 480 reading, 490 writing, and 570 math.</p>

<p>I joined a few clubs, Best Buddies (you befriend disabled students), Junior Statesmen of America, and I’m trying to get on the Academic Decathlon team. Do you think I'm on the right path? Is there anything additionally I should be doing? Thank you for reading this</p>

<p>Get an SAT of 2150 or better and also be in the top 5% of your class. This puts you in the running. Be a leader in your activities, this puts you over the edge. EC wise, its a great differentiator to improve an existing organization or found a new one. I hear so many students say "my school has no clubs", that means START your own!</p>