High School gpa=a-ok CC gpa= &%(#$!!!!

Hey guys,

My UC gpa for the classes I take at my high school is 3.8. However, I am three years ahead in math and in junior year I went to the local CC to rake advanced courses, where I got a C first semester, a D second semester (!!!) which I retook in the summer for a C. my CC gpa is 1.66 -_____-. With the CC scores added, my UC gpa falls to 3.55 :frowning:

I just have a question- how much will this affect my application, and if my UC course requirements are complete without the need for the CC, is it legal to “omit” my CC class grades and just take the classes over next year?

<p>does anyone have any imput? this is really troubling me :(</p>

<p>If you've fulfilled the a-g UC requirements in your High School course work, it's not necessary to send in the CC transcript. The "D" wouldn't be transferrable anyhow. I wouldn't send it. However, double and triple check with your h.s. guidance office that the CC grades won't somehow be included with your h.s. transcript report. They shouldn't be but check.</p>

<p>ya that really sucks</p>

<p>all college classes must be reported
anyt hing that u completed, droped, or whatever must be reported</p>

<p>if you dont say that you took the cc classes and say what u got then theymay take back ur admissios to a college</p>

<p>happened two years ago to a girl at my school tha got two C's in CC classes</p>

<p>she didnt tell them about the classes and the once UCSB got all her recods they found that she had taken college classes before</p>

<p>they sent her a letter and dropped her addmissions</p>

<p>cc classes are real college classes take them seriously
they are more importatn than high school courses since they will always be on your record , forever, when you apply for a job or to grad school those classses will be counted into you gpa</p>

<p>Well, the CC classes don't show up at all on my HS transcript, So I guess I will go to the CC guidance office and ask if they send my transcript automatically. If not, I might think about doing it.</p>

<p>I really hope im not jeopardizing anything.</p>

<p>My counselor said that the grades in CC dont count unless you want to send them. She said that she would add only the grades that I wanted to.</p>