high school graduate........now what?

i have graduated from high school, but am not attending college this fall or spring. But i do plan on attending University of Illinois starting from 2007 summer, when i will become an instate resident. However, in the meantime, i would like to do some type of internship, or other work, that would look good in my resume and application when i apply to medical school, and does not look like i wasted my whole year for nothing. </p>

<p>So can you guys give me some advice.</p>

<p>I think i m going to major in Economics or finance, so how should i utilize my so many months...should i start work?...should i volunteer? should i shadow?
are there fall internships offered to high school graduates with a diploma?
please help me. I am looking for some good advice.

<p>Shadowing and volunteering are great things to be doing. Working at a job where you interact with people can be a very positive thing (after all, that's a huge part of being a doctor). I waited tables throughout college and everyone I interviewed with during the admissions process responded positively to that. Part of it is how you "spin" it in the future, but working with people should definitely be something you look for.</p>

<p>i was wondering, are there any fall internsips for students, in places like NIH, or other great places? what i was thinking was, i should get some type of experience in working for a big company...i dont want to work an odd job, like working as a waitress, or being a cashier in a restaurant....................So what should i do?</p>

<p>Have no idea, but I'm sure that they are very competitive, and you'd have to had already applied if you're hoping to get something to do in the next 2 months.</p>

<p>Working for a big company as a phone rep is seriously probably worse than waiting tables. Keep in mind that despite your future intentions, you're only a HS grad who is not in school at this time. Job opportunities are limited. There are plenty of projects available for students doing a "gap" year, but you should probably post in the parent's forum for ideas from people who have done that.</p>

<p>One other option you might consider is applying at hospitals to be a phlebotomist (professional blood drawer). Requirements likely vary from location to location, but it's a medical job, pays fairly well, and gets you in a hospital environment. They'll train you and you get to interact with patients.</p>

<p>confirm: if you could work in a hospital, nursing home, or retirement home, that would be related experience that you can list on your resume for med school applications down the road. If I were in your place, I would try to get any job at a hospital, even in the cafeteria or in janitorial. (And then try to move up.) Or just apply and say you aren't sure about college yet and want to work helping people in a hospital environment. If you get your foot in the door, you might find something that you can return to in the summers in college.</p>

<p>what should my objective be? </p>


<p>since this is a gap year between my high school and college, i want to work in some company, like say a pharmaceutical company. Although i m only a high school graduate, i do not know what i should write for my OBJECTIVE on my RESUME. I want to go to medical school, but i might major in economics. So please give me some suggestions on what an impressive objective i could write on my resume</p>