High school junior

<p>Does anybody know any websites that gives scholarships for high school juniors?</p>


<p>Does anyone know websites that sell stuff to people?</p>

<p>Sorry, sweetie, but you are going to have to narrow things hugely for anyone to give you helpful contacts. </p>

<p>Start with a list of who you are. If you are a female volleyball player in the Lutheran choir then you'll search for scholarships for girls, athletes, volleyball players, Lutherans, musicians, choir members and, perhaps, sopranos. If you are a male skateboarder who likes Magic The Gathering, The Dresden files, and who is blasting through high school physics, then your scholarship search will look completely different. </p>

<p>Most students dream of a "bedspread" scholarship (something that covers everything, including tuition, room and board and books) but most students end up with a patchwork "quilt" by stitching together some savings, some work, some loans and a handful of smallish scholarships, like the Lake Ockanofee Chamber of Commerce and Garden Club Scholarship for Left Handed Banjo Players for $500 and the Bowling League's Most promising beginner for $1000. </p>

<p>So make a list of your strengths and then look in your own backyard for scholarships. Talk to your high school counselor and local librarian too. Good luck!</p>

<p>My favorite is Cappex.com. Also, sign up on Fastweb.com. Each scholarship they match you with denotes if it's for juniors, seniors, all high school students, etc. Try asking your counselor which websites have worked best for students at your school. Good luck! It is good that you are beginning to work on them this year --- it's a lot to handle senior year.</p>

<p>Olymom I would beg to differ... you can apply to certain universities you consider "safeties," not complete any extra application or essay, and receive PLENTY of merit aid from a private university. I am a high school senior who submitted a VIP application for Drexel University and just received my merit financial aid package, which was $21,000 plus entrance into their honors college, which offers an opportunity for another $10,000 of scholarship money.</p>

<p>I can see that your post was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it was also a bit of an oversimplification.</p>

<p>Are you applying as a junior? What are your grades like? Have you looked to see which colleges accept juniors if that is the case?</p>

<p>Regardless, my advice to you - look and see which universities you might be interested in offer merit aid, and if so, how much is it and what are the approximate credentials you need to apply. The credentials may include extremely specific things, such as being part of a certain organization, or simply be an estimate of what academic qualifications make you a good candidate.</p>