High School Medicine Clubs

I was planning on creating a Sports Medicine Club at my school, however I am still conflicted over what kind of club activities would be fun and educational. I was wondering if anyone else has a good idea of what I should do.

Oh my god I was thinking of opening one up too! I didn’t know what to call it though. I was thinking to educate the members on the different careers and responsibilities of pursuing sports medicine. Also I would show videos related to sports medicine and bring guest speakers in the sports medicine field to talk about their careers and answer any questions people have. If u have a name pls lemme know

LMAO really!!! That pretty cool how we both thought up the same idea. And yes, I was generally leaning towards many of the activities you listed, but I always try to ask myself why someone may want to join my club. And in that idea I thought the club could possibly host fundraising events (related back to sports medicine) and give volunteer hours to higher school students who are in dire need of them. Also another idea I thought was some sort of physical activity such as yoga or stretching at the end of every club meeting. And on the plus side these physical activities will relate back to topics in sports medicine.