High School Programs?

<p>I'm currently a Junior in high school and I've been having trouble finding good summer programs for the upcoming summer.</p>

<p>I found this online, but I'm not sure if it's any good.
Volunteer</a> in China - Volunteering Work Programs Beijing - Voluntary vacation travel opportunities</p>

<p>I've been volunteering at a program for mentally handicapped teens for close to a year, so I thought something like this would go along very well with it.
I plan to major in Engineering and volunteer work like this doesn't relate in any way, but I really do enjoy working with the kids.</p>

<p>Anyone have any ideas? I live in Southern California and whether there is pay or not isn't an issue. It's just been hard finding internships that accept those under 18.</p>

<p>Why would you pay to volunteer?!?!</p>

<p>Prices</a> China</p>