High School Resum

<p>Hey, I just wanted some advise on my high school resum</p>

<p>Mine was like 4 pages long because I included everything. On applications they ask you to list some and then attach additional pages if needed so that is where you could use it.</p>

<p>are you guys joking? one of the counselors at my school used to work at an admissions office and she NEVER got a resume that was more than one page. She said she wouldn't even look past the first page if she did. We had to give her resumes and dock any of it down to 1 page...</p>

<p>I haven't written mine up but I seem to agree with logisticslord. Any longer then one page it becomes to much.</p>

<p>Mine is 4 pages right now, but that's because I included stuff like work experience, grades in certain classes, and standardized test scores, since I use it to apply for research internships.</p>

<p>The one I send to colleges will be a full list of awards, information about what I do in each club, and a few extra activities that I can't fit in the space they give on the app. Right now it looks like that'll be 2-2.5 pages. I'll prolly try to squeeze it into 2. The thing is that I don't like my resume being cluttered and filled with random variations in style (bold, italics, underline), size, or font. so I make it very spread-out and organized. Like I have about 1.4 spacing between lines, etc etc.</p>

<p>Yeah, probably more of a laundry list for you theo.</p>

<p>Um. No. I have 5 clubs that I dedicate the most time to, 2 honor societies, maybe 1 more club if it gets approved, and soccer. But most apps (like the common app) only allow 5-6 spaces for EC's and no room for extra details, so my resume will serve to list my less-important activities (honor societies and sports) that I still value my membership in, as well as clarification of my roles and contributions in each activity. It's the contributions and list of recognitions that take up the most space. Each of my five most important activities take up like 1/3 of a page.</p>

<p>If I wanted a laundry list then I would include Radio Club, Science Club, Math Team, Cinematography Club, Future Problem Solvers, Literary Magazine, Film Analysis Club, and tennis. But I'm not.</p>

<p>I dont know if I would do that much though..the lady said to eliminate less important ones because she said to her it just looked like the student was doing a lot of crap for college apps reasons. I think 6 clubs and 2 socieities could fit on one page--they don't want paragraph descriptions of each one remember--I fit my address, school address, 8 awards/awards type things, 5 clubs (2 of which were honor societies), my work experience, a little community service and even 4 of my general interests on ONE page with a nice border and everything. Plus, I fit the necessary descriptions. One girl handed in 2 pages because she was absent for the lecture from the resumes and she got a C for doing so....</p>

<p>EDIT: I got an A+ on mine. if you wanna see how simple it should be, I can email you it?</p>

<p>My five main clubs complement each other very nicely though. They relate to public policies and issues (though that's pretty damn vague), which is part of my intended major.</p>

<p>My two honor societies are more like prestiges than actual clubs. We don't do much club-ish stuff, so if I'm not an officer next year then I won't hightlight them as important activities, but rather important awards/recognitions.</p>

<p>As for awards... my list so far takes up a little more than half a page.</p>

<p>But that's all with my spacious formatting. I love white space. Love it.</p>

<p>White space is frowned upon especially if you go to another page because then it looks like you justed wanted that other page...also more than half a page probably means you can cut some. I really think more than one page for a resume seems a little bit arrogant and just like braggy..y'know?</p>

<p>It's definitely not going to be 4 pages long for college apps... I just needed it to be that long for other stuff cause it wasn't meant to supplement a separate application. I'm thinking it'll be 2 pages in the end. </p>

<p>Now that I think about it, I really do have a little too much white space. A lot of that is because I included things like Science Club because I was applying for a science program, but I didn't have much to go under it, so there's a lot of white around that area.</p>

<p>My problem with your style is that you merely list your activities, jobs, awards, etc. Colleges ask you for the same thing on their apps, so then the resume isn't providing any additional information.</p>

<p>it isn't supposed to according to my counselor. That's what the resume is. Additional info should be highlighted in essays or recs. They don't want to spend all day reading about you.</p>

<p>Resumes should never be longer than 1 page. Period. It will not help you to make it longer. Do what you need to do to get it down to 1 page.</p>

<p>yeah Google or Yahoo Image "resume" and you will find them all on one page...some good examples.</p>

<p>I don't have a counselor who really cares about stuff like that besides she doesn't control stuff like that. I just went with the advice teachers and parents gave me and gave colleges everything and it worked. Even if the admissions officials only look at the first page, if you really want to have a resume longer than one page, is that such a crime? Just make sure whatever you want to put on it is important enough for the official's time.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the replies, I'm going to go back and try to fix up my resume now. For high school resumes would you use a chronological, functional, combination chronological/functional, targeted, or curriculum vitae format? Thanks.</p>

<p>Also, logisticslord, could you pm me your resume so I can use it as an example? I'm pm-ing you my email address, too, if that would be better. Thanks.</p>

<p>5pages resume, lol.keep it to a page, if it doesn't fit decrease font to 10pt . if that doesn't work you go to much fluff and crap on it, so take it out.</p>

<p>Can someone send me a copy of a resume? <a href="mailto:Zachsta830@hotmail.com">Zachsta830@hotmail.com</a></p>