High School Schedule Help!

<p>Hey, I need some help deciding what I should do with my schedule. I am going into my senior year and I am hoping to get into fairly prestigious colleges like higher level UCs, USC, CMC. For my schedule, I am for sure having:
First period- Ceramics (necessary VP arts)
Third period- AP US Gov/ Sociology
Fourth period- AP English
Fifth period- AP Calc B/C
Sixth period- Civitas (political science program) Independent Study </p>

<p>What I have to decide is whether I should take Spanish 4 or be a tutor second period. The thing is Spanish is definitely a weak subject for me so I am just wondering how big of a difference it would be to colleges. Thanks.</p>

<p>Take Spanish.</p>

<p>Look at what the colleges you're interested in ask for. If they recommend 4 years of language, I'd take Spanish..</p>

<p>I would say tutor. If you don't like Spanish, don't take Spanish again. Anyways, it's okay for Seniors to have a TA/Study hallish class.</p>

<p>Personally, I would take Lunch second period ha. but i don't think u should do a study hall or tutor if u want to go to prestigous colleges cause a lot of them recommend 4 years of it. Colleges will see what you're taking senior year and the grade u got(after u get accepted) but as long as u don't get a D or F you'll be good.</p>

<p>i think spanish would help you more admissions-wise, as they'd prefer to see another core class, as well as four years of a language. however, if you really hate it and don't do well in the subject, then it probably makes the most sense for you to drop it, and tutoring would definitely help make up for missing a language. you just need to be aware that there's a chance that it could make a difference in admissions. you already have 3 ap classes so it probably won't make or break you either way, but you just need to be aware that it might hurt you to not have spanish, and then you need to make a decision over whether or not dropping it is worth it. i'm dropping science my senior year because i hate it and i want to mentor ell (english language learner) kids, so i'm making that decision because to me it's worth the slight mark against me in admissions. that might be the case for you, or it might not be, you just need to decide what's more important. good luck in your choice! :)</p>