High School Schedules for College

Hi! So I think this will be my last post for a little bit because I’ve been asking a lot of questions and receiving answers that are helping me! Anyway, I wanted to know your opinions on my hs schedules so far and let me know what I should do. I’m going to be a JUNIOR this year, so let me know if I should change around any classes for junior year. (We are on block schedule btw)

Freshmen Schedule:
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Geometry
Honors English 9
Honors US History 2
French 1

Sophomore Schedule:
AP Statistics
Honors Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry
Chemistry 1/2
AP Environmental Science
Honors English 10
Honors US History 3
French 2

Junior Schedule:
AP Physics 1
Honors Earth Science
AP English 11
Writing and Grammar
Honors World Cultures/Geography
Honors Psychology
French 3

Important things to note:

  • I plan on majoring in psychology or some type of earth science
  • I want to do regular calculus because I heard AP is really difficult. I’m not that good at math and if I do regular, I can fit in an extra class!

Also please let me know: does my junior year schedule appear to be LESS rigorous than my sophomore year? I wanted to increase my rigor every year.


You took two honors math courses in each of 9th and 10th grade, and are two years ahead of normal sequence in math, but you are “not that good at math”?

Unless you scraped by with C- grades in your previous math courses, it seems like AP calculus AB or BC (depending on your school’s offerings) would be the most obvious choice.

what math are you planning for senior year? It seems strange to double up and end early. In addition there are college that are expecting to see math senior year no matter what level you are at or how many math credits you have.

I managed to pass precalc/trig with a B- and idk if I can handle AP

Personal Finance, if any math

AP calculus AB will be a slower gentler introduction to calculus compared to calculus in college.

I agree with @ucbalumnus .
I think AP Calc Ab si much less of a high pressure environment than kids say it is. It is a great introduction into Calculus in college. Also, I think your junior year schedule looks fine. I’m just confused about the writing and grammar class that you are taking along with AP English 11. I feel as though AP English 11 should cover writing and grammar already (I don’t actually know though because my classes are different art my school).

Okay thanks! I may change that then but keep the rest of the classes the same

Calculus Honors v. AP is fine considering you wont need it in college. You WILL need a very strong understanding of statistics though. (See if you can take a psychology-based statistics course through dual enrollment senior year?)
I recommend taking AP CS principles because you’ll also need to use modelling tools.
Finally, if you want to increase rigor, try to take
Keep ap psychology instead of psychology honors, and take 1-2 AP social science/history senior year.

OP may major in “psychology or some type of earth science”. While psychology only occasionally requires calculus, some type of earth science probably will.