High School Senior! Honest please (Northwestern, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Brown) [3.825 GPA, 33 ACT, 1G/LI/QB; sociology or political science]

  • Jewish and Mexican (born in Mexico → moved when I was 3)
  • US citizen
  • Public high school with around 3500 people
  • No legacy and not athlete
  • Intended Major: Sociology or Political Science
  • UW: 3.825 W: 4.775
  • ACT: 33
  • Class Rank: 38/806


  • 10 APs, 4 Dual Enrollment

  • Honors: Essay Contest for NV Bar → advanced to nationals, Collegeboard Hispanic Recognition Program, Young Leaders Scholar (through HSF), NIETOC Qualifier for Speech and Debate, Public Forum Debate 1st Place Counties Champion, State of Math Education Today SNRPDP Math Conference Student Panelist

  • Extracurriculars:

  • Key Club President (since Sophomore Year)

  • Founded local hub of national climate organization (leader since 8th grade)

  • Co-founded national political organization for down-ballot politics Freshman year (disbanded end of Sophomore year)

  • Helping Sociology Chair of local university (also Professor) edit new edition of his book

  • Participate in local Youth Restorative Program where I advocate for real cases


  • Applying through Questbridge so Questbridge prompts


  • Questbridge: 1. Yale, 2. Northwestern, 3. Columbia, 4. Brown, 5. UPenn

What are my chances of getting matched? I have two strong rec letters.

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Didn’t add low-income first-gen student!

APs: Calc BC, Lang, World, APUSH, Lit, Human Geo, Comp Sci Prin, Physics 1, Environmental, Gov, Spanish Lang (self studied so not on transcript)

Best of luck to you in college search process. You have a strong profile. Questbridge is competitive, this lists some of their most recent statistics:


Be sure and have some schools with likely admission and affordability.


Thank you! I’m applying to my reaches through Questbridge and then the rest will be through regular decision if I don’t match.


Best of luck - I’d use all the possibilities through QB. Going free to Denison, for example, is better than having to apply RD to your reaches.

You can also apply to Denison during the RD round if your top choices don’t work out in the Questbridge Match. IF Denison is a college you are interested in attending.

Good luck to you.


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I agree you will be a competitive applicant. I can’t chance you but most QB students who match have an EFC of zero or near zero. You might consider listing 12 schools if you become a QB finalist.

Do you have any EA and/or rolling admission schools you can apply to before you find out if you match on Dec 1?

Do you have at least one affordable safety school?


It’s just a name. An example.

I’m saying if it were me, I’d take advantage of QB- I’d learn to love many of the schools a student may not be familiar with.

The deal these kids get is unreal vs perhaps if they went RD - both admission and financially from what I understand.

I wasn’t noting Denison specifically. @Mwfan1921 said it better - You might consider listing 12 schools if you become a QB finalist.

Yes, I do. I’m applying to local state schools. I also got into the Williams fly in program which I heard is automatic-in and will result in my only paying $1000-2000 a year.


Congrats. It’s definitely an advantage but not an automatic in. Williams is also a QB partner so if you like that school, and become a QB finalist, I encourage you to put it in your 12 QB schools.

Will your state schools be affordable?

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I agree about Williams. Great that you got chosen for the fly in. But not automatic! So…do put your best foot forward on that fly in (if it hasn’t happened yet).


Yes, basically full ride