High School Senior Thoughts

<p>Hey, lol...
I'm a high school senior, about to graduate in June. My first choice most likely is FAMU.. My goal ultimately is to go to law school. Cause honestly i want a good and easy/satisfying life. I'm willing to always put the work into my courses. Now here where im stumped multiple times.</p>

<p>When growing up I always thought to go to law you gotta do Criminal Justice blah blah blah, I told my guidence counseler i wanted to major in criminal justice, she told me i should do english in that case, I researched and i see where she coming from. I learned that i dont have to do crim. just. I could just do other majors like english, philosopy. But i also read that its more important that you get good grades and do good on LSAT. Honestly im stuck on deciding on what classes to major in, I heard getting easy and interesting classess is good. I wish i knew ideas of classes to take.</p>

<p>Second thing, is money, whats a good idea to not end up in debt , Im applying for scholarships that i can, did FASFA.</p>

<p>Is it a good idea to take English and Psychology?</p>

<p>Last thing, Do you neccessary need to live on campus freshman year? Idk, i would prefer to try to live in a nearby apartment, and try to transfer a job over there. Since i live in Miami/Broward. So I'm all thinking now</p>

<p>I have actually heard that criminal justice is not a good major for law school as it isn't considered to be very academic. My niece is a lawyer and she majored in journalism. Try to pick a major that will still lead to a decent career if you change your mind about going to law school. Freshmen are required to live on campus unless they have family in the area.</p>