High school senior year internship

I only have 1 class left to graduate. I can take more dual enrollment classes. But I just got a full time internship. Is it okay to take just one class and work full time in my senior year? How do I explain in college application? Thanks.

Have you met the college that you hoped to go to requirements - i.e. # of years of english, math, science, etc…

Make sure you’re not just doing enough to graduate - but get into the school of choice.

If you’re good, nothing to say (in my opinion)…they’ll see you met their desired requirements.

How they view their schedule is up to them - meaning they may think you lack rigor or substance by taking just a class - no way for anyone to know what they’ll think.

You’ll define the internship in your activities. If you need to get more in depth, you can use the “extra section” but keep it brief - and this is unecessary.

Thank you. I am doing way more than required as I started high school classes very young. Just don’t know does it look bad.

Will depend on the determination of each school. I’d imagine if you achieve all their recommendations (ie 4 years English, math, etc), it won’t be an issue. They see this regularly

What does this mean? Are these high school classes on your high school transcript? If not…you need to take courses that WILL appear on your HS transcript!

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What courses are on your high school transcript? Competitive colleges will want to see 4 years of the core subjects. Have you taken a year of biology, chemistry, and physics? What is the highest level math class you’ve taken?

Meeting HS graduation requirements isn’t necessarily enough for colleges.

What dos your guidance counselor say?

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