High School Sophomore

So for Junior Year, I have been thinking about my schedule and this is what I have come up with so far please tell me what you think

AP US History II
AP European History
AP Lang
Italian II

And four other quarter classes

Looks like you’ve covered all the bases in terms of expected core courses - Math, Science, English, SS/History, Language.

Other courses are individual interest/preference - AP Euro is fine.

This seems to be a pretty good schedule and it is really good that you have signed up for an elective (I’m just grouping them all into one since you’ll only be in one at a time) because you just need a chill class. I would try to take more APs though, maybe one in STEM (easy ones are stats and comp sci principles) since you are going pretty heavy into humanities but you seem to only have room for AP Physics (which is a heavy commitment) so you are probably fine as is.

You’ve got all the cores, and, assuming you’re a humanities major, you’ve got the rigor in the appropriate places. I would say you’re looking good.