High School Student who Survived Cancer, need advice!

I was diagnosed with cancer when I was in middle school, therefore I missed one year of middle school and more than half of freshmen year of high school. When I first got back to school they put me in a full year resource class and a literacy class. They also tried put me in special Ed classes since I was out for so long. I was able to get out of the special Ed classes but one class still shows two-quarters on my transcript.
Then in 10th grade, I was still in recourse and literacy, on average at this point I had a GPA of about an 89.
Now I’m in 11th grade and I was finally able to get out of recourse and literacy, I also was able to enroll in Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry. Everything else I am taking at the moment is regular, I do not have any volunteer work or extracurriculars at the moment but I will be volunteering at the hospital this summer and plan to join clubs next year. I will also be taking AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP English, and honors Westen Civ. Pre-Cal will be a regular class though. My math skills have suffered greatly since I did not do anything when I was sick. I will also be taking French 2 at a local college this summer and I am planning to take French 3 there as well.
My hope is that my GPA will at least to go to an 3.8, at the beginning of 11th grade it was a 3.5. I also plan to do well on the SAT and ACT.
I want to go to NYU, or somewhere similar. I am planning on writing my college essay on having cancer, I’m just worried this will not be enough. Please tell me what you think! Thank You!

You can ask your guidance counselor to address the impact of your illness on your HS schedule in his/her recommendation.

And the most important thing is that you are cancer free and healthy now. Like everyone else, you should apply to a wide range of reach, match, and safety schools that appear to be affordable and you will be just fine.

I worked with something who had leukemia. I don’t think that is a much an issue as your goal of NYU, which is not only a reach but is stingy on financial aid.

Congrats on being a CA survivor.

What do you mean by “which is not only a reach”
and Thank you!!

Our good friend had cancer with two recurrences. He got straight As in high school, but had a high absentee rate and took no APs. He is currently in remission, attending Chapman University as a comp sic major, and got a full ride! Chapman is an excellent private school in Orange County. There are a number of sources for scholarships for cancer survivors. Take heart!!!

OP. I’ve read how many HS kids like NYU. Even when accepted, they find it unaffordable. There are many colleges nearby that could be affordable. I’d expand the search.

A 'reach" school is hard to get into.

AND…NYU gives LOUSY aid, so ask your parents if they’ll pay the $70k per year for you to go there if you got in.

If not, how much will they pay?

Idk, I had a 3.2 GPA and 30 ACT with eh courses (transferred HS three times) okayish ECs and 1 month long suspension (behavior) and I got into NYU. But yeah my EFC was 0 and all I got was the max Pell grant and the rest in loans. So the problem seems to be more about affording NYU rather than getting in. At least to me.

I think your plan is a good one. Your schedule keeps increasing in rigor, and your grades keep rising. Keep doing what you’re doing and good luck!!!